Definitive 1970 Hong Kong Tramways book updated and republished

Tramways, HK New Joseph Tse 2017 Book Preview Image

Joseph Tse: I am pleased to tell you that the new edition of Atkinson & Williams’ book on HK Tramways has been published. Here’s a preview image to demonstrate a little of the new book’s content: The 1st book on HK trams published in 1970, Hongkong Tramways, RLP Atkinson + AK Williams, Light Railway Transport League, London, is highly regarded as the […]

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Kai Tak Factory Building, San Po Kong, fire, November 2017

Kai Tak Industrial Building Fire SCMP Detail 8.11.17

A woman feeling unwell from smoke inhalation was sent to hospital after a blaze broke out in a Hong Kong industrial building on Thursday. Emergency crews were called to Kai Tak Factory Building on King Fuk Street in San Po Kong, where a second-floor unit had burst into flames at about 12.15pm. The cause of the fire has not yet […]

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BAAG Naval Section Intelligence Summary, late January to late March 1943, ship repair, maintenance and movements

Asosan Maru Image

Elizabeth Ride has sent the Naval section of a British Army Aid Group (BAAG) Waichow Intelligence Summary (WIS 24) dated 23rd March 1943. This covers shipping movements in and out of Hong Kong during the Japanese occupation in World War Two during late January to late March 1943, a longer period than is usual in this type of report. There are a […]

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The Sha Tau Kok railway

Tymon Mellor has sent  this photograph of the railway line and station at Fanling. This shows proper passenger carriages unlike the flat, open waggons shown in the image below. HF I had heard about this almost forgotten branch of the Kowloon Canton Railway but knew almost nothing about it. The line operated for exactly 16 years from 1 Apr 1912 […]

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George M. Lau – Father of the Hong Kong wig Industry

George M Lau Father Of The HK Wig Industry Image A Detail York Lo

York Lo: George M. Lau – Father of the Hong Kong wig Industry Left: Advertisement of Regina Hair Products from the early 1970s; Right:  1953 ad of George M. Lau & Bros. (Source: IDJ) In 1970, the Hong Kong wig industry included 478 factories which employed 5 percent of the city’s total workforce (39000 workers) and its export value of […]

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Can you help the group…?

We now have over 1,300 articles posted on the website. I wonder if you could spare a little time to help the site develop. Maybe an hour or two each month? A number of people already do. Contributors of course – both articles and comments. Malcolm Morris and Yannis Baritakis behind the scenes with site administration. Translators.  Those retyping articles. […]

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Telegraph Bay, HK Island – location of the first submarine telegraphic cable into Hong Kong, 1871

HF: “Telegraph Bay was the site of an early cable landing dating from the early part of the Twentieth Century. The environment of the bay and valley has been radically altered through reclamation and the construction of the Cyberport development. The old cable house is still located in its original position (although it is now located within the grounds of a school). […]

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Wong Wah Hee aka Wong Yan Ting – family background – Smith, Wahee and Co

York Lo has sent information,about several generations of the family of Wong Yan Ting also known as Wong Wah Hee. Wong was the Wahee in the firm of Smith, Wahee and Company which later became the China Sugar Refinery. York has also added  a couple of portraits of Wong family members. YL: Carl Smith’s book Chinese Christians, provides information about the family of Wong […]

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