History of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Development in Hong Kong, Part One 1871-1931

Wanchai Power Station 1908

HF: I am afraid I do not know the source of the following timeline. I would be grateful if someone comes across the origin and notifies me. Further information about or images of any of the subjects or companies mentioned would also be very helpful. I have added supplementary information and sources on a number of subjects where I am […]

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Dr H P Wu – Managing Director / President – South China Iron Works

York Lo: H P Wu’s full name was Hsin Ping Wu (吳新炳). Born in 1894 and native of Kiangyin in Kiangsu province, he went to Tsinghua and studied in the US as a Boxer Indemnity Scholar, receiving his BS in electrical engineering from Cornell in 1921 and training at General Electric in the US. From 1927 to 1937, he was […]

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HK Cutlery Manufacturers from the 1960s and 1970s – Chuang’s, Trinity, Foo Kwong, HK Tableware and Good Friend

Chuang's Cutlery Image 5 York Lo

York Lo: HK Cutlery Manufacturers from the 1960s and 1970s – Chuang’s, Trinity, Foo Kwong, HK Tableware and Good Friend  In the 1960s, the cutlery industry emerged in Hong Kong thanks to the UK government’s policy of Commonwealth preference which favored imports from HK over Japan. The industry grew very rapidly in the early 1960s, with total exports grew from […]

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Harry Kin Hong Long – New Zealand, The HK & Yaumati Ferry Company and WW2

HF: Harry Kin Hong Long divided his life between New Zealand and Hong Kong. In the latter he worked for two companies, Kung Lee Steam Ship and HK and Yaumati Ferry. Julia Bradshaw has kindly given me permission to quote from her book Golden Prospects: Chinese on the West Coast of New Zealand. Julia is the Director of the Hokitika Museum, NZ. […]

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Dairy Farm, Pokfulam, remains of buildings and structures

The Mains, Dairy Farm, Pokfulam

Thanks to SCT for proofreading the text below. The Dairy Farm Co. Ltd was founded by a Scottish surgeon Sir Patrick Manson, and five local and foreign businessmen. During his practice in Hong Kong, Manson found that local people did not have access to hygienic fresh milk. Having a belief that fresh milk is essential for public health, he saw […]

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Conic (康力)- HK Electronics Giant of the late 1970s, early 1980s  

Conic Group Founder Alex Au York Lo

York Lo: Conic – HK Electronics Giant of the late 1970s, early 1980s Picture of Conic board in 1976, left to right: Simon Tam Hon-kong, Tam Chung-sing, Alex Au, Lam Chung-kiu and Yim Shun (absent – Chan Chun-cheung). The quote is somewhat ironic considering the aggressive expansion at the time which ultimately led to the demise of the group within […]

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Wilks & Jack Ltd – early 20th century Engineers and ship designers

Wilks & Jack Ltd Shop Image Early 20thC HK University Library

“This firm was founded in 1902 by Mr. E. C. Wilks, as a marine engineers’ and surveyors’ bureau. Mr. Wilks was joined in 1903 by Mr. W. C. Jack, formerly Ingenieur en Chef of the Tonkin River Mail Service, and late assistant manager at the Kowloon establishment of the Hong Kong and Whampoa Dock Company. During the five years of […]

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Annie Lam Young, co-founder of Yuen Hing Hong & Company Ltd

Annie Lam Young Smaller Version 1967 HK Album York Lo

Cecilia Young: My brothers and I are trying to gather information about my father’s company Yuen Hing Hong & Co. Ltd which he and my mother, Annie Lam Young, established in Hong Kong in the late 1940s. York Lo has sent information about Annie Lam Young from her biography in the HK Album 1967 which has been adapted for inclusion here: She […]

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