Standard Oil in Hong Kong – information 1894 to c1908

HF:  The 1962 Hong Kong Annual Report states: The Standard Oil Company of New York, now known as the Mobil Petroleum Company Incorporated, started operations in Hong Kong in 1894 and built their present oil berth and tank farm at Lai Chi Kok in 1904. This article is from Wright 20th Century Impressions THE STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF NEW YORK. […]

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Yau Wing Shipyard, Yau Tong

HF: In my article, Universal Dockyard Ltd,  Yau Tong I suggested that a fenced area to the immediate East of Universal was Yau Wing Shipyard whose main building had been demolished but which ran along Ko Fai Road. A map also indicated that there were slipways running from this building north into the sea. I have revisited the area and […]

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List of Japanese ships arriving and departing Hong Kong during the Japanese occupation WWII

Banshu Maru No.17 From Peter Cundall

List of Japanese ships arriving and departing Hong Kong during the Japanese Occupation WWII Introduction Peter Cundall: Immediately prior to the outbreak of the Pacific War Hong Kong was a major commercial port, with Allied and neutral shipping using the port as a trading location free of Japanese control and a safe-haven for Chinese ships that would otherwise be seized.  […]

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Chy Loong Ginger Factory (濟隆糖薑廠)

Chy Loong Ginger Factory Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Chy Loong Ginger Factory (濟隆糖薑廠) Chy Loong Ginger Factory in 1949 (Michael Rogge, 1949)  Earlier on the website there were a few articles about the once prosperous preserved ginger industry in HK and profiles of a few of the players based excerpted from Twentieth Century Impression of Hong Kong published in 1908. The firm which started the industry […]

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Needle Hill Tungsten Mine

HF: This brief history of the Needle Hill Tungsten Mine does not attempt to cover the geology or mineralogy of the mine, nor details of the mine workings. For a much fuller account, which includes this information plus maps, photographs, plans, location of mine entrances and further references, see The Geological Society of Hong Kong Newsletter Vol 9 No 3 […]

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Dairy Farm Company – A timeline

HF: Of primary interest to us I think, is Dairy Farm’s production rather than its retailing outlets. As far as I know it is no longer involved in the former which included dairy products and ice. The company has had a long and reasonably complicated history both in Hong Kong and elsewhere involving acquiring other firms and being bought itself. […]

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Tai Shing (泰盛): the Heung family’s eight decades journey from Canton to HK and from Weaving and Dyeing to Properties and Stocks

Tai Shing, The Heung Family's Eight Decades Journey Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Tai Shing (泰盛): the Heung family’s eight decades journey from Canton to HK and from Weaving and Dyeing to Properties and Stocks Heung Chit-kau and others at the Tai Shing Investment booth with models of properties developed by the firm at a real estate exhibition organized by the Real Estate Developers Association of HK in 1966.  For eight […]

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Horse drawn carriages during the Japanese occupation, WW2

HF: Our article, World War Two – 1945 BAAG report – transport and fuel supplies in occupied HK, states in the section Motor Bus Services that post Sept 1942 most buses had been removed from HK. Not surprisingly other forms of road transport were revived. And our article, HK Industry during World War Two – Transport, contains an extract from a book by Cheng Po […]

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Cosmopolitan Dock, layout of the yard plan, 1959

Cosmopolitan Dock Layout Of Yard Plan 1958 From Peter Crush

Cosmopolitan Dock was completed on 23rd October and demolished around 31st December 1972. (1) Stephen Davies sent the following information in July 2015: All I know of the dock’s early years are from newspaper stories in the HK Daily Press, etc. and what’s in Austin Coates’ Ships on the shore. There are lots of stories (more than I have time […]

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Pearl Cultivation – Tai Po Sea (Tolo Harbour)

HF/Richard Hale: At one time Hong Kong was home to a thriving pearl cultivation industry which appears to have been initially centred on Tolo Harbour. “Tai Po was the centre of the local pearl industry. As far as we know, pearls were first collected from the nearby sea in AD 761 during the fourth year of the reign of the […]

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