Plover Cove Reservoir – 50th anniversary of relocation of residents from Sam Mun Tsai

Photograph of Sam Mun Tsai added. HF: On 2nd March 2015 the SCMP published an article, Hong Kong villagers keep memories of home lost to reservoir afloat. In July 1965 the 400 residents of Sam Mun Tsai were relocated, (the article uses the term ‘evicted’), from their fishing village during the construction of Plover Cove Reservoir which was carried out from […]

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Lok On Pai ‘desalting’ plant – 2014 HK Urbex visit and photographs

Phillip Edward Kenny added a comment to the article, Lok On Pai ‘desalting’ plant – site visit photographs, suggesting that the HK Urbex Group visit to Lok On Pai ‘desalting’ plant in July 2014 would be of interest. The Hong Kong Urbex (ie Urban Exploration) Group visit, photograph and write about “Hong Kong’s derelict abandoned sites.” They write: “Time and […]

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Hong Kong Water Supply – Shenzhen Reservoir

Shenzhen Reservoir

Hong Kong Water Supply – Shenzhen Reservoir Tymon Mellor: In the post war Hong Kong, the rapid growth in population and industrialisation brought with it an increase in the demand for water. With improving housing conditions, there was an ever-growing need for additional supply of piped water. Considerable effort had been made to maximise the local resource but continued shortages […]

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Hong Kong Water Supply Shek Pik Reservoir – Part 1 Preparation Works

Fan Pui Village

Tymon Mellor: With the rapidly increasing population in the post war Hong Kong, the availability of fresh water once more became a major problem. The poor financial situation had limited the territory’s options to overcome this, but after much discussion work commenced on Tai Lam Chung Reservoir in 1952. Before construction was complete, it was clear additional supplies would still […]

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Shing Mun Reservoir, expert visits and prepares report on problem with the dam, 1937

Shing Mun Dam Problem Image, HK Sunday Herald 14.11.37 From IDJ

IDJ has sent the following newspaper report about a perceived problem with the Shing Mun Reservoir Dam in 1937. The image shown on the Home Page of our article accompanied the original newspaper article, and is not, as you might have thought, a pre-war example of modern art but an attempt at illustrating the “dislodgment of masonry at numerous points” […]

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