About the Group

The Group started in November 2012. Eight email Newsletters were sent out. These can be found in their original form in the Index. The main articles included in these Newsletters have been posted separately.

This website was set up in October 2013 as there was sufficient interest in this project, and because by then we had a great deal of information which needed to be stored, readily accessed, cross referenced and linked. We currently have over 2,000 posted articles.

The Group is for anyone who has knowledge of, or who wishes to learn about, Hong Kong’s wide-ranging industrial history. We are interested in the entire history of production in Hong Kong – producing sea salt probably began in the 3rd century BC.

We are of course mainly concerned with manufacturing: from incense to textiles, cameras to rickshaws. However, our research also covers many aspects of agriculture and fishing, food and beverages, mines and quarries, shipbuilding and ship breaking, technical education, telecommunications, traditional industries, transport and utilities. And much more…

Industrial Hong Kong has adapted and changed quickly throughout its history and many of its industrial areas and factories have disappeared. Where possible however we try to investigate physical remains.

We are also interested in the people who worked in industry from the poor and unknown to the rich and famous.

If you feel like contributing a short article on a specific product, a person, a place connected with Hong Kong’s industrial history we would be delighted to hear from you.

There is currently no membership of the Group, maybe later we will move on to meetings and visits etc and become more formally organised.

Free and open access to the materials are permitted for research, private study and other non-commercial purposes.

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Hugh Farmer

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