60 Hip Shing Timber Company, information requested

HF: Louis Kagenaar left the following comment on 7th January 2024.

”Is there anyone who knows the history of Hip Shing Timber and Company. We represented them in the late seventies in Europe selling their pleasure crafts called Hiptimco.”

HF: If anyone can provide me with information about or images of the company I would be delighted to post an article on the subject.

What little I have found about the company online.

Hip Shing Company Ltd was incorporated on 28th December 1967 as a private company Limited by shares registered in Hong Kong. Its company registration number is 0014907. The company is Live now. Source: hkcompanydirectory.com

Hip Shing Timber Company Airmail

1963 Hong Kong Airmail to London. Source: Ebay

Hiptimco Boat

A Hiptimco boat Source: Boats.com

Hiptimco Orient Boat

A Hiptimco Orient Trawler with Louis at the helm

Louis continues: We worked with Hip Shing Timber Company from 1977 until approximately 1982. My father visited them twice in Hong Kong.

I have enclosed our own brochure about Hiptimco Orient Trawler of which we sold approximately 26 boats during these years.

This Q&A was first posted on 30th January 2024.


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