Hong Kong Tramways – Bowrington Canal Depot

Paul Onslow has sent these photographs of the Hong Kong Tramways’ generating station situated by the banks of the Bowrington Canal in Wanchai. They are from the UK National Archives collection of the Hong Kong colonial office 1869-1910. There is no restriction / copyright issue. The first shows a “View of the Power-house looking South taken from the West side […]

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Oceania Hawaii Holdings (夏香集團)

Oceania Hawaii Holdings Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Oceania Hawaii Holdings (夏香集團) Left: matchbox from the Oceania Restaurant & Nightclub; Right: Chinese performance at the Oceania Restaurant & Nightclub from a 1970s postcard. Earlier in the group, we have covered Ruby Restaurant, which was one of the first restaurant groups to go public in HK in late 1972. Around the same time Ruby went public, another […]

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Indo-China Steam Navigation Company – employees

Hinsang Model Of The Ship, Now Displayed In Jardine's London Office Stephen Kentwell

New information added on 29th November 2020 about Percy Richard Cuming. The Indo-China Steam Navigation Company, Limited (ICSNC), was established in 1873 as a subsidiary of Hong Kong based Jardine, Matheson & Co., one of the largest trading companies in the Far East at that time. HF: I thought it might be useful to have an article about employees of the ICSNC., similar to the one we have […]

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Wang Tak Engineering & Shipbuilding Company, 1938 to present

Stephen Davies has sent this photo of various shipyards post-WW2 along the Cheung Sha Wan coastline. Details are unclear but he believes one of these is Wing On Shing Shipyard, article linked below. The only yard that can be readily identified is Wang Tak Engineering & Shipbuilding Company just left of centre. Adapted from the company website: “The story of our company began […]

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AEC Regent V – Kowloon Bus Company buses 1960s

James Chan: The article, The Kowloon Motor Bus Company (1933) Ltd – Timeline, got me thinking about KMB buses in the 1960s. I found this: 1954 Model introduced. The AEC Regent V was a front-engined double-decker bus built by the Associated Equipment Company between 1954 and 1969. The Regent V had AEC’s own frontal design and concealed radiator as standard, It was […]

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Hang Hing Construction (恒興建築)

Hang Hing Construction Detail Image 4 York Lo

York Lo: Hang Hing Construction (恒興建築) Left: Ad for Hang Hing’s Rose Mansion in 1957 (WKYP, 1957-10-7); Right: Hang Hing founder Ko Koon-yui and other leaders of the Shun Tak District Ming Yuen Tong such as Lau Kwok-kwong (劉國光, third from left), Lee Kwan-min (李君勉), Sun Hon-kuen (辛漢權, second from left), Leung Hing-wai (梁慶維), Lee Ting-fan (李定藩), Lau Ting-sun(劉鼎新) and […]

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Olympic Motors Ltd adverts

Olympic Motors Ltd Car Adverts Dot Delivered On Time China Mail 1st January 1949 IDJ

IDJ has sent a series of car sale adverts for a number of Hong Kong companies. Further information about any of these firms would be gratefully received. This article was first posted on 22nd November 2020. Related Indhhk articles: Metro Cars (新英華汽車) and Austin automobiles in HK (1953-1970) Far East Motors – distributor of Chevrolet, Cadillac, Holden and Standard automobiles […]

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The Lo Wu Brick Works, pre-1912 to 1957?

Tymon Mellor: Hong Kong was built from stone and bricks, all held together with a cement mortar. All these materials were locally made using the natural resources Hong Kong could provide. The New Territories are rich in clay, which over the years has been used for pottery and brick manufacturing. The use of air dried bricks for house building was common, and fired bricks have […]

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The condition of Hong Kong dockyards immediately post WW2, newspaper report October 1945

IDJ has sent the newspaper article below. Though the article’s headline refers specifically to Kowloon Dock, several other Hong Kong dockyards are covered. It’s a little confusing sometimes to understand which dockyard is being referred to. The images included below, and on the Home page, come from our article, Hong Kong & Whampoa Dock – WW2 bombing – the aftermath, […]

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