The Chan Family of Sun Wui and the Entertainment Business in HK and Macau

The Chan Family Of Sun Wui Detail Image 6 York Lo

York Lo: The Chan Family of Sun Wui and the Entertainment Business in HK and Macau Natives of Sun Wui in Guangdong province, the family of Chan Wai-ting has been involved in the entertainment business in Hong Kong and Macau for close to a century through the operations of at least five movie theaters, the Kai Tak Amusement Park covered […]

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Ping Shan Enterprise Co Ltd, disused factory, Yuen Long

HF: The apparently disused factory shown in the photos below is located on Ping Ha Road, Ping Shan and is immediately to the north of the Century Centre as shown on the map below. Its two or possibly three factory buildings are in one compound which I was unable to enter. Jennifer Wong has kindly translated the signs shown on […]

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Lucky Enamelware (立基搪瓷)and Leader Manufactory (立泰製造廠)

Lucky Enamelware Detail Image 2 York Lo

York Lo: Lucky Enamelware (立基搪瓷)and Leader Manufactory (立泰製造廠) Left: Chow Yuk-Ho; Right: Chow Yuk-ho (second from right) with his wife, son Donald and daughter Audreyin the 1950s. (CUHK website) As profiled in several articles earlier on the website, many players in the once thriving HK enamelware industry in the 1950s-60s had either shut down or relocated their operations to West […]

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Kenneth Alfred Wolfe Barry, obituary, consultative work for the KCR early 1900s

KCR Tai Po Market Station Image 1910s From KCR Website

“Kenneth Alfred Wolfe Barry (c1879-1936) Second son of John Wolfe Barry Partner in business with his father, along with A.G. Lyster, Past President of the Institution of Civil Engineers, and G. E. W Crutwell, M. Inst. C.E. J. S. 1936 Obituary: Kenneth Alfred Wolfe Barry , O.B.E., was the senior partner in the firm of Sir John Wolfe Barry and Partners. […]

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Teh Hu Steamship (德和輪船公司)

Teh Hu Steamship Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Teh Hu Steamship (德和輪船公司) Left: T.Y. Wu at an international shipping convention in Taipei in 1971 (National Repository of Cultural Heritage, Taiwan); Right: “New Teh Hu” on slip at the Taikoo Dockyard (presumably in the 1960s)  Since 1949, Shanghainese shipowners had dominated the shipping industry in Hong Kong but while most are familiar with Y.K. Pao of Worldwide […]

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Ingham Sutcliffe, obituary, locomotive superintendent KCR 1915-1919

KCR Steam Locomotive Leaving Kowloon Terminus 1917 KCR Website

“Ingham Sutcliffe who had only recently set up in business as a consulting engineer in Siam, was previously engaged as assistant chief mechanical engineer and superintendent of workshops on the Royal State Railways of Siam. He had held this appointment since 1919 and resigned from government service in 1930. He was born at Bradford in 1880, and after serving as […]

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Tai Loong Weaving & Dyeing Factory (大隆織染廠)

Tai Loong Weaving & Dyeing Factpry Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Tai Loong Weaving & Dyeing Factory (大隆織染廠) Tai Loong plant in 1961 in Kwai Chung (Land Use Survey, HKU Libraries) Tai Loong was one of the major pioneering weaving & dyeing factories in HK. The firm manufactured various colored fabrics under the Dear trademark, and in such varieties as homespun fabric, colored fabric, cohesive fabric and woven fabric. Chong […]

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Kuhn Mines Ltd, railway(s) at Ma On Shan mine – any information needed!

HF: Ma On Shan Iron Mine 1906-1976 – biggest mine in HK is one of the most read articles on the website. This is a sister piece about the company that is supposed to have supplied and/or operated an underground railway(s) at the mine. I said when I posted this article in May 2014 I could find nothing out about Kuhn […]

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