Textile industrial terms used in Hong Kong Cotton-Spinning…Co 1898-1914

Hugh Farmer: The article The Hongkong Cotton-Spinning, Weaving and Dyeing Company Ltd 1898-1914 contained a number of terms with which I and possibly others are unfamiliar. I thought it might be useful to explain what these words or phrases mean and to briefly mention the aim of any process involved rather than detailed construction of any machine mentioned. The latter […]

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Lam Tei Quarry connections with post WW2 proposed Ping Shan Airport

IDJ : Quarries supplying construction materials for the proposed Ping Shan Airport are thought to be at the location above, the nearest mapped quarries to the site. They were connected to the airport site by a temporary narrow gauge railway. Site drawings for this project have not been found so far.  The RAF’s Airfield Construction Branch paper mentions the clearing […]

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The Hongkong Rope Manufacturing Co., Ltd – further information

The first article on this company was written by Amelia Allsop of the Hong Kong Heritage Project Archive and posted on Nov 9, 2013. Jan 13 2014 a new image sent by IDJ: There is also a connection in the following to the article “Shanghai Spinners: Pioneers of Hong Kong’s industrialization, 1947-1955” written by Carles Brasó Broggi and posted on 9 […]

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