Lee Man Rubber Manufactory (利民橡膠製品廠)

Lee Man Rubber Manufactory Image 1a2 York Lo

York Lo: Lee Man Rubber Manufactory (利民橡膠製品廠)  Top: Wong Kwai and brief profile of Lee Man Rubber (KSEN, 1954-12-23); Bottom: two examples of rubber shoes made by Lee Man in the 1950s (WKYP, 1958)   Another major rubber shoe manufacturer in HK in the 1940s through 1960s was Lee Man Rubber Manufactory, whose “Fly Gun” brand of rubber shoes was popular […]

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Hing Wah Paste Manufacturing Co (興華製麵)

Hing Wah Paste Manufacturing Company Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Hing Wah Paste Manufacturing Co (興華製麵) Ad for Hing Wah Paste Mfg in 1921 with pictures of its premises and picture of its chief manager Siu Nai-lun (Official Guide for Shippers & Travellers to the Principal Ports of the World, 1921)  Earlier on the website, we covered three noodle manufacturers – Winner, the maker of the popular Doll […]

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King Kong: Kong Tak-yan (江德仁), tycoon in the 1950s-80s and the original developer of Lan Kwai Fong 

Kong Tak Yan Detail B Image 1 York Lo

York Lo:  King Kong: Kong Tak-yan (江德仁), tycoon in the 1950s-80s and the original developer of Lan Kwai Fong Left: IPO notice of Keng Fong Sin Kee in 1972; Right: Kong Tak-yan in 1974 (KSEN, 1974-3-24) While many credit Allan Zeman for turning Lan Kwai Fong into the entertainment hub it is today with the launch of his California Bar […]

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Imperial Airways – including first scheduled flight into Hong Kong 1936

IDJ: Imperial Airways (Far East) Ltd Many people in Hong Kong have no concept of how airlines developed in the territory despite air services being their primary means of transport overseas. Airline services arrived late in Hong Kong relative to the rest of the world. Not until 1936, when the UK based Imperial Airways was slowly extending its routes from […]

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The Kam Family of Hocan and Jardines

The Kam Family Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: The Kam Family of Hocan and Jardines For the past century, the Kam family has been important players in the import export industry in Hong Kong, starting with Kam Cheung-yan and his brother Kam Cheung-fai who were compradors for the major foreign owned trading houses such as Gerin Drevard and Jardines, and later as proprietors of their own […]

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Easey Garment Factory (依時製衣廠) 

Easey Garment Factory Detail Image 3 York Lo

York Lo: Easey Garment Factory (依時製衣廠)  The founders of Easey Garments (Left to right): S.P. Tong (WKYP, 1972-12-10), Wu Yiu-kwan, Chan Lee-pak, Ursula Tong  For the past half a century, Easey Garment has been one of the largest jean manufacturers in Hong Kong although the firm has been relatively low key despite having been a public company and owning prime […]

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Ho A-mei – developer and owner of the silver mine, Mui Wo, and HK political activist

1864 Ho Image

The following article has been extracted from the Dictionary of Hong Kong Biography. The publisher HK University Press, has given permission for it to be posted here. The article about Ho A-mei was written by Elizabeth Sinn and first published in the Dictionary of Hong Kong Biography, edited by May Holdsworth and Christopher Munn. The publisher, HK University Press, has kindly granted […]

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The Hong Kong Fishing Industry during World War Two – on the trail of Amakusa Marine

David Bellis, Mike T, Hugh Farmer and Elizabeth Ride: In 19 Queries & Answers: Amakusa Marine Products Industrial Company, 1942, HF wrote,  “By December 1942 around 18,000 Hong Kong Chinese fishermen were reported to be receiving instructions from the Amakusa Marine Products Industrial Company.” (Snow) I said I could find nothing out about this company which if the above is […]

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Kwong Luen Tai Garment (廣聯泰)

Kwong Luen Tai Garment Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Kwong Luen Tai Garment (廣聯泰) Left: Kwong Luen Tai Garment founder Lee Cheung; right: contract signing ceremony between the Enping local government and Kwong Luen Tai for the establishment of the JV between the two in the early 1980s   Kwong Luen Tai Garment Factory was one of the largest garment manufacturers in Hong Kong and was briefly mentioned […]

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Asiatic Petroleum Company employees, a compilation – information needed

Asiatic Petroleum Company Staff Photo Shanghai 1930s Historical Photographs Of China, University Of Bristol

For latest updates please see items highlighted in blue. HF: We have been sent information about a couple of employees of the Asiatic Petroleum Company in China and one in the UK. We have also received requests for information about two more employees. I thought it might be more useful if I gathered this information in one article, not least […]

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