Lammert & Company – watchmakers, auctioneers and an 1858 murder

Lammert Bros Dteail Advert For SS Chekiang HK Telegraph 17.8.1923

“Lammert the auctioneers have a long history in Hong Kong. Their first association in Hong Kong was with the watchmaking trade. The transition form the watch to the auction hammer occurred as follows. One of the assistants in the watchmaking shop of Charles Weiss in 1852 was M Zobel. He is listed as a watchmaker from 1853 to 1855. In […]

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Kwok Hing Engineering Works, further information

Kwok Hing Engineering Works Name Plate From Nathan Laurent

Nathan Laurent, who lives in Queensland, Australia, has an interest in industrial history. HF: Nathan contacted me “to see if your researchers know anything about a metal manufacturing business that used the name Kwok Hing. My father has a metal working lathe of this brand made in Hong Kong which seems to be from the 1950s.” Below is a picture taken […]

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Dodwell & Company Ltd, 天祥洋行

Dodwell & Company (天祥洋行) was one of the leading British merchant firms, active in China and Japan during the 19th and 20th century. It was a direct rival to Jardine, Matheson & Co. “It was established in 1858 when W R Adamson and Company (silk dealers) set up in London, with its head office in Shanghai and branches in Hong Kong, […]

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Sir Paul Chater – connected to several major Hong Kong companies

Chater, Sir Paul Detail Image Wikipedia

‘A biography of Sir Paul Chater would be a history of Hong Kong’, the South China Morning Post obituary stated on 28 May 1926, Arriving as an impecunious but ambitious and extremely capable teenager, he was later to be described by the Sunday Times of London, ‘as one of the most powerful and…most beneficent figures in the Empire’. [This article […]

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New Blue Funnel vessels near completion in Hong Kong at Taikoo Dockyard, 1938

Glenorchy Built At Taikoo Dockyard From IDJ

IDJ has sent the following newspaper article and images of the ships mentioned in it. HF I have retyped the article to aid clarity and searches. Thanks to SCT for proofreading the retyped article. Hongkong’s ship-building peak is rapidly drawing nearer as two ships for the Blue Funnel Line attain completion at Taikoo Dockyard. The frames of both vessels stand […]

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Lee Tai Textile Company Limited (联泰纱厂有限公司)

Carles Brasó Broggi includes a brief mention of this company in his article, Shanghai Spinners: Pioneers of Hong Kong’s industrialization, 1947-1955, linked below. “… a small company, Lee Tai Textile Company Limited (联泰纱厂有限公司) also started to operate in August 1948 with 5,000 spindles in Shatin. The company was founded by T. C. Ying (Ying Dingcheng) a Shanghai spinner from the […]

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The Hongkong Milling Company (Rennie’s Mill)

HF: The Hongkong Milling Company had a brief existence during the early part of the 20th century. Things ended tragically when its prime founder Alfred Herbert Rennie committed suicide by throwing himself off the company launch taking him to the Mill. The company, a major industrial enterprise at that time, is almost forgotten. I wonder also how many people remember […]

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