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IDJ: The book Hong Kong Bank-The building of Norman Foster’s masterpiece by Stephanie Williams-1989 is the book to have for the whole process-concept to completion. HF: I cannot find an online version of this so for the time being we will have to make do with the following images IDJ has kindly sent.(1) 

The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) headquarters building, in Central, Hong Kong, took seven years to complete from concept to construction and has
become not only the icon for the region’s largest bank but the city of Hong Kong itself.
It’s the fourth HSBC headquarters in Hong Kong.(2)

The new building was designed by the British architect Norman Foster and civil & structural engineers Ove Arup & Partners with service design by J. Roger Preston & Partners. It was constructed by the John Lok / Wimpey Joint Venture. From the concept to completion, it took seven years (1978–1985). The building is 180 metres high with 47 storeys and four basement levels.The building has a modular design consisting of five steel modules prefabricated in the UK by Scott Lithgow Shipbuilders near Glasgow, and shipped to Hong Kong. About 30,000 tons of steel and 4,500 tons of aluminium were used.

The original design was heavily inspired by the Douglas Gilling designed Qantas International Centre in Sydney (currently known as Suncorp Place).

HSBC Building Suncorp Place

Suncorp Place





HSBC006.jpg Steelwork Erection At Night

Steelwork Erection At Night





HSBC015HSBC016.jpg Safety Belts Wot Safety Belts


HSBC019.jpg Autumn 1984



HSBC001.jpg Steel Component Manufacture BSC Middlesborough UK

HSBC018.jpg Interior Fit Out

HSBC005.jpg Feb 1983 Steelwork Ready For Lifting

HSBC012.jpg Feb 1984HSBC012.jpg Feb 1984


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This article was first posted on 10th October 2018.

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