58 Information needed about a Leading Hong Kong Dressmaker, Lily Nègre, 1920s

Lily Negre Image B Of Lily Only

HF: Suzanne Clouthier has sent the following script and images highlighting Lily Nègre, who Suzanne’s grandfather described as having a reputation as a great seamstress in the Orient, possibly Hong Kong. Both Suzanne and I would welcome further information about Lily, and I would also like to learn more about others involved in the fashion industry in Hong Kong between […]

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56 Dairy Farm Company – do the small concrete dams built in the 1930s still exist?

Dairy Farm, Pokfulam, HK Historical Phtographs Of China

Our recently posted article Dairy Farm Company employees – a compilation, features Peter C. Jackson. His son Nick Jackson contributed information about his father and several images. This includes the following, “Have the dams in the hills survived? At some stage my father – who had started in about 1933 – had arranged for simple small concrete dams to be […]

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53 Eye Baths/Cups – manufactured in Hong Kong?

Antique Glass Eye Wash Cup & Metal Insert

George Sturrock recently emailed me, “I am researching the history of eye baths and would be most grateful if you can confirm that the attached eye bath, [see first two images shown below], was marketed by Hutchison Whampoa Ltd, presumably post 1963 when A.S.Watson & Co Ltd was assimilated. The embossed kanji inscription above reads  TRADEMARK, I am told, and  HUTCHISON WHAMPOA LTD  within […]

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52 Stink Boats – used in the removal of nightsoil from Hong Kong island in the 1960s and 70s

In a recent email IDJ brought up the subject of stink boats following the recent posting on the website of an article about night soil collection in Hong Kong, linked below. If you can add further information about these boats or an image of one please send it into the site. IDJ: From recollections of transportation to my workplaces via […]

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51 D. & M. Rustomjee, trading firm in Canton and Hong Kong

D. &M. Rustomjee Full Advert B The Canton Register 28th April 1835

HF: Our recently posted biography, Dadabhoy Rustomjee Banaji and Maneckjee Rustomjee Banaji, the brothers behind the Canton and Hong Kong trading firm, D. & M. Rustomjee, mentions that the brothers “operated a hugely profitable firm called D. & M. Rustomjee, based first in Canton and later in Hong Kong.” I am looking for information about, and images of, this company […]

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