2 Where were HK’s Rickshaws made?

Newsletter 4 2. Kevin Hall writes to ask where the rickshaws used in Hong Kong were made. Can anyone help? Newsletter 5 James Chan responds. Rickshaws were first imported into Hong Kong from Japan in 1874. There is no evidence that they were manufactured anywhere else. However, while there is considerable information about their use in Hong Kong, and worldwide, […]

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1 Kwok Acheong + P&O connection

Newsletter 04 Hugh Farmer: Kwok Acheong (b? Canton d.1880 Hong Kong) became one of the richest men in Hong Kong during the 19th century as a compradore, shipowner, merchant and landowner. There is considerable information about his life and business interests. One of the latter was taking over the ‘shipwright and engineering department’ from the P&O Steamship Company in 1854. I can […]

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