22 Far Eastern Prospecting And Development Corporation, Sha Lo Wan mine late1950s

Tymon Mellor’s article, Sha Lo Wan Mine,  says “In 1954 the Far Eastern Prospecting And Development Corporation Limited was formed and took over the mining license. They established a facility and started large scale working that were active until the 1960’s. The company was dissolved in 1979.” And the book Hong Kong Landscapes: Shaping the Barren Rock,  Bernie Owen and Raynor […]

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20 George U. Sands – connection to three HK companies 1866 to 1880?

Hugh Farmer: George U. Sands apparently lived and worked in Hong Kong from 1866 to 1880 though one account says he died in 1878. Harvard University Library has a collection of his business records which consist of account books, letter books, diaries, financial material related to Sands’ management of:- The Patent Slip and Dock Company The Novelty Iron Works The Hong […]

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19 Amakusa Marine Products Industrial Company, 1942

HF: “By December 1942 around 18,000 Hong Kong Chinese fishermen were reported to be receiving instructions from the Amakusa Marine Products Industrial Company.” Snow, Philip, The Fall of Hong Kong: Britain, China and the Japanese Occupation, Yale University Press, 2003 I can find nothing out about this company which if the above is correct was prominent in the HK fishing industry […]

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