34 The Novelty Iron Works, c1870s Hong Kong company

Our Q+A 20 about George U. Sands asks for information about three HK companies he was involved in. One of these was the Novelty Iron Works. Can you provide information about the NIW which has several tantalising mentions in dispatches but no solid career record? Harvard University Library has a collection of Sands’ business records which consist of account books, letter […]

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32 Bireley’s Bottling Plant – 1950s Mok Cheong Street, Mau Tau Wai

HF: Our article, American Marine Ltd boatyard, Junk Bay, includes: “More than 50 years ago, on Mok Cheong Street [Ma Tau Wai/To Kwa Wan] next to Eastern Cotton Mills, was a soft drink bottling plant managed by the founder of American Marine, Robert Newton. In the 1950s, Robert Newton already in his late 50s, an age when many people start to think […]

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31 Telephone Companies in Hong Kong – information wanted pre WW2

HF: Can you fill out this minimalistic skeleton up to 1931? In true wikipedia-style verification is needed… 1877 The telephone was introduced in Hong Kong one year after Alexander Graham Bell patented his invention 1882 The first manual telephone exchange was opened by the Oriental Telephone and Electric Company (東方電話電力公司) unknown date: the Oriental Telephone and Electric Company was later renamed […]

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