59 The East Asiatic Company Ltd in Hong Kong – information requested

Hugh Farmer: I am looking for information about and images of the East Asiatic [Shipping] Company, in particular when it had a presence in Hong Kong, which I believe was for a number of years.

If anyone can send me information or images I would be very grateful.

I do not remember the source of the advert below.

East Asiatic Co Ltd Advert HK Sunday Herald 29.10.1950

M.S. Annam Shipspotting

M.S. Annam Courtesy: Shipspotting.com

”The Queen’s Building in Hong Kong, 1899-1961 housed a number of European shipping offices including The Hongkong & Whampoa Dock Co. Ltd, Mollers, Thoreson & Co. Ltd, The East Asiatic Co. Ltd, Messageries Maritime and Wallem.” (1)

Queen's Building, Hong Kong

Queen’s Building, Hong Kong Courtesy: Gwulo.com


  1. Changing Places: The remarkable story of the Hong Kong Shipowners, Stephanie Zarach, Hong Kong Shipowners Association 2007


  • Peter Cundall

    The photo you have produced is actually part of the Walter Frost photo collection that you can freely download from City of Vancouver Archives. Other ship photos of EAC include Amerika, Bintang, Canada, Europa, India, Jetlandia, Selandia (i) and Tongking.

    If you want a book that lists all ships and their histories there is Merchant Fleets 43 “The Thai Boats” Danish East Asiatic Co (EAC) and Ben Line by Norman L Middlemiss (Shield Publications 2003).

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