Tang Lung Chau Lighthouse

HF: Kenneth Wong, in February 2024, contacted the website and sent this (initial information) about his grandfather Tse Sam. ”He first joined the Harbour Master’s Department (as it was then) in 1925. He worked at the Green Island Lighthouse and moved to Tang Lung Chau lighthouse in 1931.” Kenneth has sent more detailed information about his grandfather’s life and work […]

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Kin Yick Liong (建益隆) – Real Estate Developer from the 1960s

Kin Yick Liong Real Estate Developer Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Kin Yick Liong (建益隆) – Real Estate Developer from the 1960s  Left: Kin Yick Liong’s ad for Kin Tak Mansion and King Fung House in Kwun Tong (TKP, 1965-2-11); Right: Kin Tak Fung Industrial Building in Kwun Tong (Landvision)  In the 1960s, Kin Yick Liong Co Ltd was one of the active real estate developers in Hong Kong […]

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Preece, Cardew and Rider – Consulting Engineers for Hok Un power station

Preece, Cardew and Rider were the consulting engineers for a proposed extension of Hok Un power station, Hung Hom in the 1930s. “In 1934 a committee consisting of directors and senior staff was formed to deal with the extensions proposed. It met regularly for the next several years and made many important decisions based quite often on the advice of […]

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Cheung Sha Wan Factory Estate

Cheung Sha Wan Factory Estate Date 2003

HF: I would be very interested if anyone could tell me some of the companies that occupied space in Cheung Sha Wan Factory Estate, or about other factory estates in Hong Kong. Cheung Sha Wan Factory Estate was a factory estate in Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong, owned and managed by the Hong Kong Housing Authority. It comprised up […]

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Mayar Silk Mills (HK) Ltd, Tsuen Wan – company compound derelict for many years

James Chan: Hughie D, Veteran Member of derelictplaces.co.uk has posted a piece about this company on its website. This was posted in July 2015. Hughie says: “This place is a bit of a strange one. This old silk mill is in the middle of Tsuen Wan…and must represent very valuable real estate. I remember passing this place a number of […]

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The Kings of Industrial Buildings – the Chung brothers of E.Wah Aik San

Kings Of Industrial Buildings Image 1A Chung Brothers York Lo

York Lo: The Kings of Industrial Buildings – the Chung brothers of E.Wah Aik San Left: Cheung Kung-hai and his younger brother Chung Ming-fai (left) at a government land auction in the 1970s during their heyday. Right: Property tycoons at the 1979 government auction. Second row left to right: Li Ka-shing (hand raised), Teddy Wang of Chinachem, Cecil Chao and […]

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Swire Duro Ltd – paint manufacturer

IDJ has sent the following, undated, brief account of Swire Duro Ltd: “Swire Duro Limited was for many years known in Hong Kong for its decorative and industrial coatings. However, while it continues to manufacture paint at its purpose-built factory on Tsing Yi Island, the bulk of its output now goes to the joint venture company, ICI Swire Paints Limited, […]

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The Aerial Ropeway (1891-1932) and Sanitarium (1893-1932) of the Taikoo Sugar Refinery

Jennifer Field Lang: Aerial Ropeway circa 1911 at the gap on Mount Parker looking down the valley towards the Taikoo Sugar Refinery and Aldrich Bay (Source: Historic Photographs of China, G. Warren Swire Collection, University of Bristol, Image # 20390).  In 1891, a 2.3-kilometer long aerial ropeway was constructed from a location near the Taikoo Sugar Refinery (approximately located at […]

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Dairy Farm, Pokfulam, remains of buildings and structures

The Mains, Dairy Farm, Pokfulam

Thanks to SCT for proofreading the text below. The Dairy Farm Co. Ltd was founded by a Scottish surgeon Sir Patrick Manson, and five local and foreign businessmen. During his practice in Hong Kong, Manson found that local people did not have access to hygienic fresh milk. Having a belief that fresh milk is essential for public health, he saw […]

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Industrial districts – Yau Tong

HF: The Yau Tong reclamation is shown here in the mid distance, with Cha Kwo Ling in the foreground, the low buildings of Lei Yue Mun in the distance and Devil’s Peak behind. This photo is from 1983 and shows an apparently thriving industrial area. Today, many of these buildings and shipyards have been demolished or lie derelict. Of particular […]

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