Kin Yick Liong (建益隆) – Real Estate Developer from the 1960s

Kin Yick Liong Real Estate Developer Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Kin Yick Liong (建益隆) – Real Estate Developer from the 1960s  Left: Kin Yick Liong’s ad for Kin Tak Mansion and King Fung House in Kwun Tong (TKP, 1965-2-11); Right: Kin Tak Fung Industrial Building in Kwun Tong (Landvision)  In the 1960s, Kin Yick Liong Co Ltd was one of the active real estate developers in Hong Kong […]

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Green Island Cement Company – aerial ropeway

Ian Wolfe has sent a photo from an unknown source. Ian: It’s undated but the time taken should be before 1949. The Green Island plant with an interesting aerial ropeway can be seen here – Tower A is approximately at the present ELDEX building,[location shown below], while pylons B,C,D,E and F stretches the ropeway towards the coastline and ended up going […]

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A History of the Wong Family Textile Business – Part Two: Life in Hong Kong

Eleanor Wong has written A History of the Wong Family Textile Business, a detailed account of her family’s business history in Shanghai, then in Hong Kong and finally Indonesia. She was assisted in this project by her editor, Carey Vail. Part Two: Life in Hong Kong continues the story with the arrival of TY Wong in Hong Kong from Shanghai, early in 1949. […]

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Wo Fat Hing Distillery, Lung Wo village

HF: Any further information about this company or others involved in producing alcohol in HK, especially Chinese ones, would be welcomed. (see links below) While walking down Clear Water Bay Road on 21st Feb 2015 I glanced down a rather rough side road, saw a small, industrial looking building and decided to investigate. At the start of the road was a […]

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Hong Kong Industry during World War Two

HF: This is an article where we can gradually add information about what happened to HK’s industry, manufacturing, mining , transport and other related areas such as shops and the retail trade during World War Two. As bits and pieces come in I’ll update the article and re-post it with the current date. Linked articles have been posted on the […]

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City of Neonlights: HK Neon Light Industry and some of its key players

HK Neon Light Industry Image Detail 9 York Lo

York Lo: City of Neonlights: HK Neon Light Industry and some of its key players Hong Kong owed its reputation as “the Pearl of the Orient” to its neon light industry which lit up the city from signs for small shops on busy streets to giant record-breaking signs atop skyscrapers on the Victoria harbor front from the 1930s to the […]

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CLP’s Hok Un Power Station – immediately post World War Two

IDJ: When Hong Kong was liberated after the surrender of the Japanese, one of the first groups to arrive was “Shield Force.”  This mainly comprised 3,000 Royal Air Force personnel who had been diverted from their expected task of building Pacific island aerodromes to assist the Allied advance towards Japan. Not all RAF personnel in the war were involved in flying […]

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The Ho brothers and Jan Sin Mee and Standard/Shui Hing

Ho Brothers, Jan Sin Mee Image 6 York Lo

York Lo: The Ho brothers and Jan Sin Mee and Standard/Shui Hing From the 1960s to 1980s, the Ho brothers – William Ho Sau-pang (何壽彭), Shau-Hong Ho (何壽康,1923-1996) and Stanley Ho Sau-nan (何壽南) were major players in the HK garment industry as William and Shau-hong were the founders of the Jan Sin Mee Group, one of the largest garment manufacturers […]

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Jing Wah Garments Manufacturing (正華製衣)

Jing Wah Garments Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Jing Wah Garments Manufacturing (正華製衣) Jing Wah Building in San Po Kong (Apple Daily)  At 10 Sam Chuk Street (三祝街) in the industrial district of San Po Kong (新蒲崗), stands the 9 story Jing Wah Building. With around 96000 sq ft of factory and office space, the building was built in around 1965 by Jing Wah Garments Manufacturing, […]

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The Aerial Ropeway (1891-1932) and Sanitarium (1893-1932) of the Taikoo Sugar Refinery

Jennifer Field Lang: Aerial Ropeway circa 1911 at the gap on Mount Parker looking down the valley towards the Taikoo Sugar Refinery and Aldrich Bay (Source: Historic Photographs of China, G. Warren Swire Collection, University of Bristol, Image # 20390).  In 1891, a 2.3-kilometer long aerial ropeway was constructed from a location near the Taikoo Sugar Refinery (approximately located at […]

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