The Shiu Wing Steel Company – the only steel rolling mill currently in HK

Newsletter 8 included a very short article on The Shiu Wing Steel company, the only steel rolling mill currently operating in Hong Kong, located at Tap Shek Kok, Tuen Mun. As of 18th January 2021 this claim would appear to be still true.  The mill is capable of producing 700,000 tonnes per year of high-grade reinforcing bars for local and […]

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Hakka Patterned Bands in Hong Kong – 1976 RASHKB article

Elizabeth L Johnson wrote an article about “Patterned Bands” in the New Territories which was published in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Branch, Volume 16, 1976. [HF: I have been unable to copy the Chinese characters which appear in the article.] The article begins: These notes on a form of peasant textiles are based on research conducted in Kwan […]

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A water powered tilt-hammer incense mill

Further to Dan Waters article “A Joss-stick Mill in Tsuen Wan” published August 26 2013 Here is a photograph of a water powered tilt-hammer used in crushing the production of incense. It is taken from a 1952 book “Hong Kong” by Harold Ingrams published by her Majesty’s Stationary Office, London in 1952. The book contains a chapter on Hong Kong’s […]

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Phonographs, Gramophones and Record Companies in Hong Kong

HF: Can anyone provide further information about these aspects of the music industry in Hong Kong? I am especially interested in the history of record companies in Hong Kong HF: Chunny Bhamra lived on Lamma Island, Hong Kong for many years but moved to Melbourne, Australia with his family in about 2016. Chunny Bhamra: Gramophones and Phonographs were never really made […]

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Bolinder marine diesel engines – connection to Ulderup and Schlüter Shipyard, Sham Shui Po

HF: Stephen Davies’ article, Ulderup and Schlüter Shipyard, Sham Shui Po c1900-1914, mentions that the shipyard became the local agents for the Swedish Bolinder marine diesels (Bolinder Rohölmotoren – strictly semi-diesels) – two strokes that for the first two decades of the 20th century were probably the world’s most common small marine diesels although most of their early output seems to have […]

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The Ma Family and Thomson Weaving Factory (天孫織染廠)

The Ma Family, Thomson Weaving Factory Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: The Ma Family and Thomson Weaving Factory (天孫織染廠) Founded in 1946 by Shunde native Ma Tze-sau (馬子修, 1900-1954), Thomson Weaving Factory was one of the leading weaving and dyeing mills in Hong Kong in the 1940s and 1950s known for its “Double Dragon” fabric. Outside of Thomson, Ma’s children were involved in other industrial activities such as kaolin […]

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Green Island Cement Company – stunning photos

Thanks to IDJ  for the excellent images and information. Hugh Farmer writes:- I had always imagined  that the Green Island Cement Company was named after HK’s Green Island (Tsing Chau) opposite Kennedy Town. But no, the company initially started operations on the similarly named island, Ilha Verde, near Macau. The date of its establishment there  is given by various sources […]

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C.F. Leung, Ng Iu-cheung and L.S. Chang – Directors of Kwong On Bank

Directors Of Kwong On Bank Image 6 York Lo

York Lo: C.F. Leung, Ng Iu-cheung and L.S. Chang – Directors of Kwong On Bank Before its acquisition by DBS Bank in 1999, Kwong On Bank (廣安銀行) was one of the leading Chinese-owned banks in Hong Kong. Founded in 1935 by Leung Kwai-yee and primarily led by his sons, Kwong On had other significant shareholders such as the trader William […]

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Merry Christmas – HK made decorations exported 1964

Hugh Farmer: A very merry Christmas to all our readers, contributors, administrators, translators, typists and all those who have helped the Group over the last year… March 1965: The value of Christmas decorations exported in 1964 was over HK$7 million. Electric light sets comprised the bulk of exports but plastic Christmas trees, candles, tinsel, paper lanterns and decorations were also […]

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Wo Kee Cheung (和記祥) and Wo Fung Cheung (和豐祥)

Wo Kee Cheung Detail Image 3 York Lo

York Lo: Wo Kee Cheung (和記祥) and Wo Fung Cheung (和豐祥) Left: Ad for Wo Kee Cheung in 1964 (WKYP, 1964-1-3); right: Thank you ad by Wo Fung Cheung to guests attending the opening of its Tai Po Road branch in 1964 (WKYP, 1964-4-5) In the early 1960s, Canton Trust & Commercial Bank (廣東信託商業銀行) was one of the most aggressive […]

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