The Hong Kong and Macao Glass Manufacturing Company Ltd

This article is a combination of the research of Frank Watson, moddsey, David Bellis and Hugh Farmer. Newsletter 6 contained this Query and Answer # 3 Frank Watson has been reading about the Plague outbreak in 1894. There is mention of a “Glass Works Hospital” which had been hastily converted from a glass works factory. He thinks this may may have […]

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The Hong Kong and Macao Glass Manufacturing Company Ltd – HK Daily Press article

Hugh Farmer writes: From the  Hong Kong Daily Press dated 9 January 1886. “In the farther corner of the new suburb in Belcher’s Bay called Kennedy Town stand the works of the Hongkong and Macao Glass Manufacturing Company Limited, whose big, round, squat chimney, technically called a “cone” can be seen struggling to make itself visible above the roves and […]

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Noel Croucher – philanthropist and director of Green Island Cement and Hong Kong and China Gas

Noel Croucher Image Croucher Foundation

This article uses an article written by Vaudine England  published in the Dictionary of Hong Kong Biography. The publisher, HK University Press and author both have given permission for this to be posted here. Croucher, Noel Victor Amor JP (1935) b. 24 December 1891, Hampshire, England; d. 6 March 1980, Hong Kong. Broker, company director, philanthropist. “Noel Croucher arrived in […]

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Japanese wooden auxiliary ships during the Second World War

Kompira Maru No.8 Ship Detail From Peter Cundell

HF: This article might be read together with our article, BAAG Report KWIZ#3, Naval Reports, linked below, which mentions that the Manshu Maru, was the first auxiliary sailing vessel built and equipped in Hong Kong, and given its first trial run on 13th April 1943. I had never come across auxiliary sailing ships before, and I asked Stephen Kentwell, who recently left […]

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48 T.O.Morgan, Director of Water Supplies – imagined Plover Cove Reservoir while swimming in the area

A short 1984, Hong Kong Government Publication about Hong Kong’s Country Parks contains this intriguing and amusing information: The most recent development in Plover Cove Country Park is the construction of the Plover Cove Reservoir. The idea of enclosing a bay and a string of islands to form a reservoir was born in the mind of the late T.O.Morgan, then […]

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World War Two – 1945 BAAG report – Dairy supplies in occupied HK

Elizabeth Ride has sent another  part of  the 1945 BAAG report on a variety of subjects in Hong Kong during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong in WW2. This time the report covers Dairy Supplies and Facilities. Of particular interest are two companies which are still operating. Dairy Farm which began in 1886 and Kowloon Dairy, with rather unfortunate timing, […]

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Feather Works in Hong Kong – initial notes

Union Feather Company B Factory In China From Company Website

HF: I have come across five feather product companies in Hong Kong. There were undoubtedly more, as the 1939 report shown below mentions five at that time alone. If you can supply any further information about these or other feather using companies please contact me. a) In  the 1899 Jurors List “Leopold Schinz, Technical Manager, Feather Factory, Kennedy Town” b) […]

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Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy: China, William Jardine, the Celestial, and other HK connections

HF: Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy, 1st Baronet (15 July 1783 – 14 April 1859), also spelt Jejeebhoy or Jeejebhoy, was a Parsi India merchant and philanthropist. He had close connections over a lengthy period with Hong Kong, through his business association with William Jardine,  his merchant fleet using its harbour and for having had the first Hong Kong built ocean-going ship constructed here. This extract it […]

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