Hong Kong Note Printing Ltd – over 320 million HK banknotes printed annually

HF: The following has been extracted from the Company’s history on its website (linked below). This material is copyright but can be copied for non-commercial purposes. Its plant is at 2-4 Dai Shing Street, Tai Po Industrial Estate, Tai Po, HK. In 1984 Thomas De La Rue PLC set up a banknote printing plant in Tai Po. In April 1996 […]

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Asiatic Petroleum Company employees, a compilation – information needed

Asiatic Petroleum Company Staff Photo Shanghai 1930s Historical Photographs Of China, University Of Bristol

For latest updates please see items highlighted in blue. On 12th September 2021 information about Louis Auguste Cossart was added. HF: We have been sent information about a couple of employees of the Asiatic Petroleum Company in China and one in the UK. We have also received requests for information about two more employees. I thought it might be more […]

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Second harbour water pipe line completed, Shing Mun reservoir to Hong Kong island, 1935

Reservoirs, Cachment Areas And Pipelines Of Kowloon District, The Far East Review Oct 1934 Chinarail Gwulo

IDJ has sent the following newspaper report about the construction of a second water pipe running from Shing Mun reservoir to Hong Kong Island, the first being laid in 1929. Thanks to SCT for proofreading the retyped article. 2ND HARBOUR PIPE LINE NEARLY COMPLETED ENSURING ADEQUATE WATER SUPPLY FOR THE COLONY DIVERS EXCEED ALL EXPECTATIONS ISLAND LINK WITH SHING MUN […]

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The Hongkong Electric Tramway – c1908 report and images

IDJ has sent a fairly detailed account of The Hongkong Electric Tramway which appears in a book published in 1908 linked below. This includes details of: – the construction of the Tramway, the consulting engineers being Alfred Dickinson & Co of Birmingham, UK, and the contractors Dick, Kerr & Co of London – the track dimensions and length, along with […]

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Sunken shipping salvage problems in Hong Kong harbour post Second World War

2/9/21 Peter Cundall has very kindly sent additional information about and images of some of the vessels mentioned below.  I have highlighted these in blue. IDJ has sent the following newspaper article published in June 1947. HF: I have retyped the article….. If I am uncertain of the writing I have indicated this by [?]. I would be grateful for […]

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The Governor opens the Jubilee Dam (Shing Mun) Reservoir today, newspaper images

HE Detail The Governor Opens The Jubilee Dam Today HK Telegraph Pictorial Supplement 30th January 1937 From IDJ

IDJ has kindly sent the front page of the Hongkong Telegraph Pictorial Supplement of January 1937 about the official opening of the Jubilee Dam in Hong Kong by (His Excellency) the Governor of Hong Kong. This adds a little supplementary information to that which we already have on the Jubilee Dam, today known as the Shing Mun dam and reservoir. […]

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Ship breaking in Hong Kong – Junk Bay 將軍澳 – late 1970s

IDJ: These shipbreaking images were taken in the Junk Bay (Tseung Kwan O 將軍澳) area around the late 1970s or early 1980s. Junk Bay like Gin Drinkers Bay seemed to change by the month during this period with continuous reclamations so it’s very difficult to recognise some places over time. Especially when hills and mountains are flattened. In the second image of […]

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The Hong Kong Mosquito Stick Manufacturing Company

HF: A lighthouse. A swan. Great trademarks. Can you supply any more information about this company? See: HK Memory Hong Kong Memory (HKM) is a multi-media web site that gives free and open access to digitized materials on Hong Kong’s history, culture and heritage. The materials include text documents, photographs, posters, sound recordings, motion pictures and videos. This article was […]

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