Yim Tin Tsai – project to restore the island’s 200 year old salt fields

Hugh Farmer: Yim Tin Tsai (鹽田仔, lit. “Little Salt Field”) is a small island off Sai Kung.  There is no permanent population on the island. The only village was originally built by a family surnamed Chen from Guangdong province who moved to the island in the 1740s. Its descendents made a living by farming, fishing and operating a salt farm and sold […]

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The Hongkong and Kowloon Wharf and Godown Company Ltd ., building residential quarters for over 1,000 coolies and foremen, 1939

Hongkong And Kowloon Wharf And Godown Coolie Settlement

HF: IDJ has sent the following newspaper report. I have been unable to find any photographs of the ”coolie settlement” scheme buildings and if anyone finds any would be grateful to be sent them. Thanks to SCT for proofreading the retyped copy of the newspaper article below. Special To The ”Hongkong Daily Press”  THE HONGKONG AND KOWLOON WHARF AND GODOWN […]

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Hong Kong – China Concrete Company Ltd, recent Yau Tong plant field visit photos

HF: I took these photos of the HK- China Concrete Company Yau Tong batching plant on 25th September 2014.  It’s stretching things to say this was a visit as I didn’t actually go inside the plant or speak to anyone there. Still if you haven’t seen one of the locations where HK’s beloved concrete is mixed you might be interested […]

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Taikoo Sugar Refinery during WW2 (HK Sugar Refinery)

Elizabeth Ride has sent this BAAG report. This suggests that during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, Taikoo Sugar Refinery became Hong Kong Sugar Refinery. Kweilin Weekly Intelligence Summary #66, 15.9.1944.   HF: During WW2 Taikoo Sugar Refinery was badly damaged. In 1947/48, it was decided to rehabilitate the plant. HK Memory Project This article was first posted on 1st January […]

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”Ah Kai”, Hongkong and Kowloon Wharf and Godown Co., Ltd’s number one foreman

Hong Kong And Kowloon Wharf And Godown Company, Kowloon 1897

HF: IDJ has recently sent the following newspaper article. This includes a rather poor image of Mr Leung Kai aka Ah Kai, and I would be grateful to be sent a better photo of the gentleman, further information about him and/or the company he worked for. I have added a couple of photographs. Thanks to SCT for proofreading my retyping […]

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Taikoo Dockyard Managers – James Reid, 1910-1926

IDJ has sent a series of articles about managers at Taikoo Dockyard: The first manager Philip Forster Nicholson, 1907-1910, “was succeeded by James Reid, who was born in Johnstone, Renfrewshire,[Scotland], and passed his early life at Troon, serving his apprenticeship with the Ailsa Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. He remained with this company to rise to Chief Ship Draughtsman and Assistant Yard Manager […]

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Quarrying and transportation of stone in Hong Kong, 1841

HF: Dr Patrick H Hase has sent a copy of his unpublished paper, Study on Old Trails in Hong Kong: Historical Background, 2011-12, which he has kindly said I can extract parts of and incorporate into articles of interest to the Group. I thought I would start with the section subtitled, Footpaths on Hong Kong Island, which describes the importance of […]

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Night soil collection in Hong Kong – updated – four current locations, July 2016

Chris added the following information in a comment on 3rd May 2024. ”I asked the same question and received a reply from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department today (3rd May 2024). There is only one location that the FEHD is providing conservancy services (night soil collection): Temporary toilet at Po Chong Wan Temporary Area, Aberdeen, Hong Kong. It appears […]

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