Alexander Skirving Watson, pharmacist who lent his name to one of Hong Kong’s oldest companies

A S Watson Chemist Detail Advert China Mail 1.8.1878

The Hong Kong Dispensary was founded in Hong Kong in 1841. Alexander Skirving Watson, a British pharmacist, joined the company as Manager in 1858, and by 1862 the name A.S. Watson began to feature prominently with the Hong Kong Dispensary and eventually became the official name of the pharmacy and was then incorporated in the A.S.Watson Group. The Hong Kong […]

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Salt production, oldest industry in Hong Kong, Tai O

Hugh Farmer: This Enviromental Impact Assessment Report by the Civil Engineering Department in May 2000 provides some detail about salt production in Tai O on Lantau island. IDJ has provided the images showing the salt fields and workers of Tai O which do not come from the report. Jennifer Wong has kindly translated the script attached to the photographs. As the […]

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Hong Kong trading agents 1953 – nearly 60 companies

IDJ has sent the following trade adverts from 1953 for Hong Kong importers and exporters/buying and selling agents. Included are also companies who are advertising their own products. As information comes in each will be given their own article. Any related Inddhk articles are linked under the company name. Allied Trading Company Incorporated 30th June 1953 Dissolved 5th December 1958 […]

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Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ltd, a brief history

William Jardine And James Matheson Courtesy Wikiwand

Paul Mark Onslow kindly sent me a manuscript of The Hongkong Land Company’s 90th Anniversary 1889-1979 which I intend to post on the website shortly. The manuscript contains a section entitled Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ltd, Part of Asia’s History featured in this article. HF: I have retyped the article to increase legibility and aid searches on the site. Please […]

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Flying boats before Kai Tak runway opened – SCMP article

Miss Macao Detail Flying Boat Touches Down In Macau China Mail Chic Eather

  ‘Scheduled seaplane services were a vital fixture in Victoria Harbour for more than two decades starting from the 1930s, and some of the floatplanes flying between Hong Kong and Macau had a special mission – shuttling gold between the two colonies. James Ng, an expert on Hong Kong’s aviation history and a member of the Hong Kong Collectors Society, […]

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The Hong Kong Brewers and Distillers Ltd new plant, 1933

Jehangir Ruttonjee B 1908

IDJ has sent the following newspaper article… The article contains a couple of grammatical mistakes and slight oddness of word choice which I have included in the retyped version below. HF: I have retyped the original newspaper article to improve clarity and to aid searches. Thanks to SCT for proofreading the retyped article. The drive to Castle Peak has always […]

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Harbour Tug Empire Sam – Hong Kong service 1946-1967

Hong Kong Police Launch Co.2B Source Model Boats From Stephen Davies

Stephen Davies’  article, Admiralty Floating Dock No.18 – in HK 1945 to 1955, mentions the Harbour Tug Empire Sam. Here Stephen provides further information about the ship. [HF: Curiously I am unable to find a photo of the Empire Sam.] Stephen posted a comment attached to this article on 18th July 2022 “which shows a lovely model of PL 2[see below], so […]

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