Charles Herbert Arnhold, Arnhold & Company Ltd

Notice Arnhold, Karberg & Co. 1866

HF: Initial notes on Charles Herbert Arnhold. I have been unable to find an image of the gentleman, whose connection to Arnhold & Company Ltd, is the subject of this article, and would be grateful to any reader who can send me one. Further up Hong Kong’s Peak, an event of vast importance for the future of the firm took […]

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The Hongkong Pipe, Brick and Tile Works, 1896-1928

HF: The Hong Kong Pipe, Brick and Tile Works was owned and operated by the Green Island Cement Company from 1896 to 1928, when it was closed due to financial losses. According to the 1908 report below it was located at the western end of Deepwater Bay. Are we talking about the same Brick Works that Tymon Mellor has found in a […]

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The Peak Tram

IDJ/Hugh Farmer: The Peak Tram was opened for public service on 28 May 1888. Initially a static steam engine was used to power the haulage cable. [can anyone tell us who manufactured the original engine  and any other details about the Tram’s  early mechanical operation?] In 1926 an electric motor replaced the original engine. This was manufactured along with other […]

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Alfred Nobel 1833-1896 (British Dynamite Company – Magazine Island Hong Kong)

HF: Magazine Island (火藥洲; Fo Yeuk Chau), originally known as One Tree Island (一木島) is located off the southwest coast of Hong Kong Island, and off the northwestern tip of Ap Lei Chau. Administratively, it is part of Southern District. The former Magazine Building on Magazine Island is now a Grade Three Historic Building. It was built by the British Dynamite Company, which later […]

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Hong Kong Knitters – founded 1955

HF, IDJ and Mike T: The company was founded on 15th July 1955. This advert from 1963, sent by IDJ outlines China Engineers Ltd’s interests including Hong Kong Knitters which at that time was manufacturing, ‘Easeley’ cotton and woollen knitted shirts, combed cotton underwear. In June 1990, Hong Kong Knitters Ltd. was acquired by Yangtzekiang Garment Ltd (YGM) through an associated […]

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Hong Kong Tube and Metal Company, Peng Chau Island – 1960s

Mak Ho Yin has kindly translated this report published on 19 December 1964, two days before the opening ceremony of the factory on 21 December, in the daily newspaper Wah Kiu Yat Po. Pioneer of Hong Kong Heavy Industry Opening of a Large Steel Tube Factory on Peng Chau by Hong Kong Tube and Metal Products Limited at Peng Chau on 21st December, […]

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An Aeroplane Called Wanda – historic flight over Shatin March 18th, 1911.

Wanda, A Plane Called, Article, Image IDJ

IDJ: An Aeroplane Called Wanda For most people entering the main terminal at Hong Kong International Airport from taxis and buses, getting to the Check-In areas is their main priority. They do not see or ignore the vintage bi-plane hanging from the terminal’s ceiling even though it positioned next to well-used pedestrian ramps. Those on the ground floor are more […]

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