Cheong Alum and the case of mass poisoning at the E-Sing bakery

Cheong Alum E Sing Bakery Image Date Unknown Chris Munn

This article was written by Christopher Munn, and first  published in the Dictionary of Hong Kong Biography, edited by May Holdsworth and Christopher. The publisher, HK University Press, and author have kindly granted permission for it to be posted here. Thanks also to Christopher for sending the first image of the E-Sing bakery. The second image was included in the original […]

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Sky Shuttle Helicopters Limited

Sky Shuttle Helicopters Black + White Helicopter From HK High IDJ

Sky Shuttle Helicopters Limited ( 空中快線直升機公司) is a helicopter service operator based in Macau.  Formerly known as Helicopters Hong Kong Limited and before that as East Asia Helicopters, it operates helicopter routes between Macau, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Sky Shuttle employs over 250 people. East Asia Airlines Limited was established in July 1988 and Macau-Hong Kong services commenced in November 1990 by using two Bell 222  helicopters with six […]

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44 Tsing Yi Island Industries Ltd, concrete products manufacturer

Joe Terry asks Have you any information on an enterprise called Tsing Yi Island Industries Ltd, a concrete products manufacturer for the construction industry in operation during the period of 1964 to 1968, production site managed by Raphael Chow, a Singapore national.? The image shown on the Home Page of this article is of HK-China-Concrete-Co-Ltd’s Yau Tong batching plant. This article […]

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Shanghai Gas Company Ltd

Shanghai Gas Company Production Works Odffices And Laboratories. 002

Melanie Li, Manager – Corporate and Community History at the Hong Kong Heritage Project (HKHP), has kindly given permission for the following script archived at HKHP to be used on our website. HF: Thanks to IDJ for image separation and enhancement, and for supplying their captions.   The Shanghai Gas Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Gas) was formed in 1865 to provide […]

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Lianhua Film Company aka United Photoplay Service Film Studio, registered in Hong Kong 1930

Lianhua Film Company, Poster Of The Goddess 1924 Wikipedia

HF: York Lo’s recently posted article, Fung Tang: The Firm, the Family, the Transpacific Metals Trade and Tin Refinery includes the following: Another high-profile business which Fung was involved in was the major movie studio United Photoplay Service Ltd (聯華影業製片印刷有限公司), which was created in 1930 as a merger of several studios led by Lo Ming-you (羅明佑), the scion of a prominent […]

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The Story of the South China Iron Works as told by Chang Don Chien 張敦潛

Antonia Cheung, the daughter of Chang Don Chien 張敦潛, chief engineer of South China Iron Works from 1948 to 1968, has written this article based on what her father told her. She was assisted by her brother Dr. King Cheung who helped with the maps. Antonia was born in Tsuen Wan, and moved into the company housing before she was 1 year old. […]

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French maritime companies in Hong Kong 1918-1941

PA Lapiicque Shipping Line Company Flag

Dr. François Drémeaux, Honorary Professor, Department of History, The University of Hong Kong, is currently working on the presence of French companies in Hong Kong during the interwar period. He has kindly sent three charts showing a selection of these companies. The first one shows: Les principales compagnies maritimes françaises à Hong Kong (1918-1941) I have copied the company names […]

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The Isthmian Shipping Line 1910-1974 – monthly sailing from Hong Kong to New York 1950s

Isthmian Line SS Steel Seafarer Isthmian LInes WebsIte

Stephen Davies: The Isthmian Shipping Line (1910-1974) was initially a strange, hybrid beast – American but set up in London with a British management agency, the Federal Steam Navigation Co (ex-the famed Money & Wigram, itself an offshoot of the EIC when that lost its monopoly in 1833). I think the key point is its connection with US Steel – […]

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