19th Century Wanchai Shipyards – Messrs. George Fenwick & Co Ltd

Stephen Davies has researched the many small shipyards which existed along the Wanchai waterfront from shortly after the colony of Hong Kong came into being up until the early years of the 20th century: These shipyards had a tough time during this period especially during HK’s first 20 years. Businesses came and went because of fluctuating demand thanks to some […]

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Construction and Opening of Shek Pik Reservoir, rare French film 1962

Rico Lee: ‘Just encountered a rare short documentary about  “French technology in the Far East” on ina.fr featuring an aluminum production plant in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, construction of Shek Pik Reservoir, and the Jatiluhur Dam in Indonesia. All the result of French involvement.’ The Shek Pik-related part was clipped and reposted by Save Lantau Alliance to rally support against development of Lantau […]

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The luxurious junk Cheng Ho, Ah King shipyard built, Standard Oil connection…

Stephen Davies/Hugh Farmer SD: The largest vessel I know for certain to have been built at the Ah King yard, in 1938/39, was the wonderful exploration junk Cheng Ho, 100ft long and with the most marvellous history. She was built for Ann Archbold, daughter of the founder of Standard Oil to amazingly extravagant specs (some of the interior shots are […]

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Green Island Cement Company – aerial ropeway

Ian Wolfe has sent a photo from an unknown source. Ian: It’s undated but the time taken should be before 1949. The Green Island plant with an interesting aerial ropeway can be seen here – Tower A is approximately at the present ELDEX building,[location shown below], while pylons B,C,D,E and F stretches the ropeway towards the coastline and ended up going […]

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Morrison Hill Quarry

Morrison Hill Quarry From Joseph Yen Article York Lo

York Lo’s posted article, Tracing Roots: Joseph Yen (嚴錫榮), post-war chairman of Marsman HK China and the father in the book Falling Leaves, contains the following: Earlier on the Group’s website there were several articles about the Dutch American mining magnate from the Philippines – J.H. Marsman and his firm Marsman HK China Ltd (馬士文公司) which operated the Needle Hill […]

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The Lane Crawford Bakery, Stubbs Road, 1938-1948

Brian Edgar’s blog, linked below, is about the experiences of his parents Thomas and Evelina Edgar in Hong Kong 1941-1945. The photograph shown on the Home page is of their wedding on the 29th June 1942. Thomas was a baker and worked in Hong Kong for the Lane Crawford, Garden and Ching Loong bakeries. Here we are concerned with the Lane Crawford […]

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Replacing Kai Tak airport post WW2 – three articles about Ping Shan/Deep Bay

HF: IDJ has sent three articles about replacing Kai Tak airport post World War Two. Various locations were discussed with the main option appearing to be the Ping Shan/Deep Bay area west of Yuen Long. Certainly construction work actually started at the Ping Shan site as the articles linked below demonstrate. However, and eventually, a plan to modify Kai Tak […]

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Alfred Dickinson, Consulting Engineer HK Tramways

HF: The Rhyl History Club, Wales, UK, has a report of Alfred Dickinson’s death and details about his career. He was a widely travelled man including to Hong Kong.  His company Alfred Dickinson & Co was closely involved in the development of Hong Kong Tramways. For example, “In February 1902 The Hongkong Tramway Electric Company Ltd was formed in England […]

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V.P.Musso & Company

V.P.Musso Twentieth Century Impressions Of Hong Kong Etc

HF: Messrs. V. P. Musso & Co. have a large connection, both locally and in Europe, as general agents, importers, and exporters. For many years they held a contract for supplies to the Italian Navy in the Far East. The firm was established twenty-five years ago by Mr. D. Musso, an Italian gentleman, who for many years, right up to […]

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