53 Eye Baths/Cups – manufactured in Hong Kong?

Antique Glass Eye Wash Cup & Metal Insert

George Sturrock recently emailed me, “I am researching the history of eye baths and would be most grateful if you can confirm that the attached eye bath, [see first two images shown below], was marketed by Hutchison Whampoa Ltd, presumably post 1963 when A.S.Watson & Co Ltd was assimilated. The embossed kanji inscription above reads  TRADEMARK, I am told, and  HUTCHISON WHAMPOA LTD  within […]

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The China Sugar Refinery Company (previously Wahee, Smith & Co)

HF:  The China Sugar Refinery Company started life, I think, in 1874, as Wahee, Smith & Co (or possibly without a comma). Several partners of Wahee, Smith went bankrupt leading to the sale of the refinery to Jardine, Matheson & Company. Choa Chee-bee was compradore at both companies having come to Hong Kong in the early 1870s from Malacca. If […]

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Hong Kong Water Supply, Tytam Reservoir – details of water connection to Victoria, 1889

Hong Kong Waterworks Tytam Drawings Illustrated London News November 1889

IDJ has kindly sent the following article THE HONG-WATERWORKS. The city of Victoria, a great commercial port and naval and military station of the British Empire, is situated on the south side of a magnificent harbour in that island, separated by a narrow strait from the mainland coast of China, and nearly opposite the entrance to the Canton River. The […]

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Stone Cutters’ Lives in Hong Kong – 1952 article

IDJ has sent an article about Stone Cutters (or Breakers) and their working lives in Hong Kong… The article was originally published in 1952 by the Building Contractor’s Association which subsequently became the Hong Kong Construction Association which exists today. The images shown here have also been supplied by IDJ but are not in the 1952 article. They are all located […]

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Hong Kong Water Supply – official opening of the Jubilee (Shing Mun) reservoir, newspaper report


IDJ has sent a newspaper article from 1937 about the official opening of the Jubilee (now Shing Mun) reservoir. HF: I have retyped the article to make the script more legible and to assist searching the site. Thanks to SCT for proofreading the retyped article. We have left intact errors that are in the original printed article. The images included […]

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Green Island Cement Company – stunning photos

Thanks to IDJ  for the excellent images and information. Hugh Farmer writes:- I had always imagined  that the Green Island Cement Company was named after HK’s Green Island (Tsing Chau) opposite Kennedy Town. But no, the company initially started operations on the similarly named island, Ilha Verde, near Macau. The date of its establishment there  is given by various sources […]

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Delfino Noronha – HK Government printer and operator of the first HK Island-Kowloon ‘Ferry’

Delfino Noronha Detail Image JM Braga Collection National Library Of Australia Adjusted By IDJ

HF: Delfino Noronha (1824-1900) ran a printing press in Hong Kong from 1844, Noronha and Co., a quasi-government printer, which later on became the actual Hong Kong Government Printer. He was also involved in the first regular ferry  between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon though this was apparently little more than a weekend pleasure launch to his “country house” in Yau […]

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