Francesco de Pinedo – Italian aviator – lands in HK 1925

HF: Added information “Another adventurer was the Neapolitan aviator, Francesco de Pinedo (1890-1933) who, in 1925, landed his Savioa S-16ter two-seater hydroplane (nicknamed Gennariello) in Hong Kong harbour.|Engineer Ernesto Campanelli from Oristano was his co-pilot. After Hong Kong they flew on to Shanghai, Japan and Australia before returning to Rome landing on the Tiber River. It was truly a remarkable expedition, […]

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Benjamin Brodsky – first to open a Hong Kong film production company and “King of Chinese cinema”

Benjamin Brodsky And 9 Chinese Board Of Directors HK Memory Project

HF: Our article, A Brief History of Hong Kong Cinema to 1988 – Film Studios and Personalities states that in 1913, the American, Benjamin Brosky and Li Minwei co-founded HK’s first film studio, Huamei (Chinese-American). [Brosky appears to have been actually called Brodsky but has also been written about as Brasky and Polasky.] Here is a brief biography of Brodsky. […]

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Publication of Nicholas Kitto’s book on China’s former treaty ports

Trading Places Nick Kitto Book Cover Image

I am delighted to offer Nicholas Kitto a little publicity on the publication of his book, Trading Places, a photographic journey through China’s former treaty ports. Nick has established a dedicated website (LINK), and the publisher’s recent blog (LINK) provides further information about the book including:- China’s treaty ports were cities along its coast and on major rivers which were […]

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Tuen Mun – “From Ancient Port to City of the Future”, 1982 account

IDJ has sent this monograph of the dramatic changes that occurred in Tuen Mun in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It starts rather gloomily, “Castle Peak, in reality a string of scattered settlements along the shoreline of the Bay, a straggle of ramshackle squatter huts pushing up the creek of the Tuen Mun river…” click the pages to enlarge. […]

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The Hongkong Electric Company Ltd – Early History – 1889 to c1908

IDJ has sent this article about the Hongkong Electric Company, Ltd  which was published in 1908. It outlines the formation of the company in  1889 and the opening of Hong Kong’s first power station in Star Street, Wanchai in 1890.  This generating station closed in 1920 and was demolished in 1922. Source: Twentieth century impressions of Hong-kong, Shanghai and other […]

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Alfred Herbert Rennie – Rennie’s Mill

HF: For more information about the Hongkong Milling Company and AH Rennie please refer to our related articles shown at the end of this article. AH Rennie was born at Hamilton, Ontario on 17 November 1857, he was educated at the Hamilton Collegiate Institute and Upper Canada College at Toronto. He then worked as a junior clerk in the wholesale […]

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The South China Iron Works – post WW2 producer of covered motor tricycles, trucks and motorbikes

HF “South China Iron Works Ltd., founded in 1938 [incorporated 19th December 1938], lost much of its machinery during the Japanese occupation…but by 1949 had resumed production of diesel engines, including ‘specially designed’ three wheeled vehicles ‘especially designed for use in Southeast Asia’, and 2.5 ton trucks.” (1) The works were in Tsuen Wan according to the report below and […]

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Cheoy Lee Shipyard, Penny’s Bay, Lantau 1964-2001

HF: Cheoy Lee Shipyard operated at Penny’s Bay, Lantau from 1964 to April 2001. The company was founded in 1870 in Shanghai by the Lo family. In 1936 when the Japanese Imperial Army [invaded China] the yard was moved to British-controlled Hong Kong, where the Lo family thought the yard would be safe. But the Japanese took over Hong Kong, too, […]

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