The Hongkong Oxygen Company during WW2

HF: The Indhhk article linked below suggests some confusion about three companies that had similiar sounding names during WW2 and the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong.

They were:
a) Hongkong Oxygen
b) Hongkong Oxygen & Carbide
c) Far East Oxygen & Acetylene

Time to attempt to separate them. Here is The Hongkong Oxygen Company

Elizabeth Ride has sent this BAAG report. Apologies for the difficulty in reading parts of it.

Kweilin Weekly Intelligence Summary #66, 15.9.1944.Hongkong Oxygen Company ER Kweilin Weekly Intelligence Summary #66, 15.9.1944.



Hongkong Oxygen Company ER KWIZ #77 15.12.44

KWIZ #77 15.12.44

Kaiyo Factory Formosa Taiwan

Hongkong Oxygen Company ER KWIZ #77 15.12.44.b

#77 15.12.44

HF: I am assuming the following report is about The Hongkong Oxygen Company  and not HK Oxygen & Acetylene until corrected.

Hongkong Oxygen Company ER KWIZ #78 22.12.15

KWIZ #78 22.12.15

Hongkong Oxygen Company ER KWIZ #78 22.12.15.b comment

Comment on KWIZ #78 22.12.15

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Further information:

The Index contains many articles using BAAG reports from WW2.

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