The Hong Kong Soya Bean Products Company…Vitasoy – manufactured in Hong Kong since 1940

Vitasoy Detail Undated Factory Photo Courtesy SCMP

One of our earliest articles was Linda Kernan’s, The Vitasoy Story, which was sent out in email Newsletter 6 in May 2013. A recent SCMP article provides further information about the company which was started in 1940 by Lo Kwee Seong as The Hong Kong Soya Bean Products Company. As this suggests, “It’s one of a few classic Hong Kong brands, […]

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Lee Yu Hing Knitting Factory (李裕興織造廠)

Lee Yu HIng Factory 1949 Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Lee Yu Hing Knitting Factory (李裕興織造廠) Front view of the Lee Yu Hing Knitting Factory at 132-136 Un Chau Street in Sham Shui Po in 1949 (Source: HK Memory) In the 1940s to 1960s, Lee Yu Hing Knitting Factory was a leading manufacturer of singlets, underwear and socks in Hong Kong with brands such as Jazz (爵士牌), Singing King […]

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History of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Development in Hong Kong, Part Two 1938-1970

NCR 315 Wikipedia

HF: I do not know the source of the following timeline. I would be grateful if someone comes across the origin and notifies me. Further information about or images of any of the subjects or companies mentioned would also be very helpful. I have added supplementary information and sources on a number of subjects where I am able to so. […]

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Taikoo Sugar Refinery, Aerial Ropeway – further image

Jennifer Lang posted the article, The Aerial Ropeway (1891-1932) and Sanitarium (1893-1932) of the Taikoo Sugar Refinery. Here’s a photograph of the lower ropeway (cableway) station posted on the Taikoo and Kowloon Dock Families facebook site. HF: I have contacted this group’s administrator David Yuill. I would be delighted to hear from any other participants. See: Taikoo and Kowloon Dock Families […]

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Sim Air Limited – helicopter company

Sim Air Ltd Bell 206B Jet Ranger Helicopter IDJ

Many thanks to IDJ for sending the brief magazine article below. He believes that the short lived, mid 1970’s, helicopter company may have been based on Lamma island. Can anyone verify this? The image shown below accompanied the magazine article. The smart Bell 206B helicopter sometimes encountered in flights around the Colony is operated by Sim Air Ltd., and flown by […]

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Lee Kung Man (利工民): maker of the Golden Deer (金鹿) and Cicada (秋蟬) singlets and hosiery

Lee Kung Man Iamage Of Fung Sau Fu Founder Of LKM York Lo

York LO: Lee Kung Man (利工民): maker of the Golden Deer (金鹿) and Cicada (秋蟬) singlets and hosiery  While many of the prewar singlet manufacturers in Hong Kong such as Chow Ngai Hing, Ngai Sang, Chuen Sun and Lee Yu Hing have long faded into history, Lee Kung Man Knitting Factory and its popular Golden Deer and Cicada brands (with […]

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KCR Beacon Hill Tunnel Ropeway – 1907

Tymon Mellor: Construction of the Kowloon Canton Railway included the excavation of the Beacon Hill tunnel through the Kowloon hills. At the time, the tunnel at 7,212ft or 2,198m was the longest tunnel in China and the fifth longest tunnel outside Europe. The southern and northern portals were remote from existing villages and sickness among the workers was common. To […]

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