The Needle, the Bible and “Our People”: Chiuchow Christians and the Swatow Lace Industry in Hong Kong

Swatow Lace Industry Detail Image 5 York Lo

York Lo: The Needle, the Bible and “Our People”: Chiuchow Christians and the Swatow Lace Industry in Hong Kong    Swatow lace merchants on the board of HK Chiuchow Christian Association in 1936 – back row: Yadsun Cheng (Chin Chian & Sons; first from left), Ng Chung-wing (吳寵榮,Kowloon Lace; third from right); Henry Lin (HK & Shanghai Lace; second from […]

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Kai Tak Aerodrome Part 3 – The Roaring Thirties

1938 CNAC003

With the completion of the Kai Tak reclamation in 1930, it was now time to turn the new platform into an aerodrome. This would require the establishment of a government department to manage the aerodrome, provision of facilities to support commercial operations, and the establishment of a flying school. Airmail and Commercial Service As a government funded operation, the new […]

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World War Two -1945 BAAG report on occupied Hong Kong – dockyards

Elizabeth Ride has sent a British Army Aid Group (BAAG) report from 1st March 1945, An Outline of Conditions in Occupied Hong Kong which was compiled in early 1945 for use by the Civil Affairs Committee which was to take on the rehabilitation of HK after the planned allied invasion. HF: The report is lengthy so I am going to divide it […]

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Waste collection in Hong Kong – Cardboard Grannies

Cardboard Grannies Image Courtesy The Guardian

No, they are not grandmothers made out of cardboard. If you don’t live in Hong Kong or have never visited you may well be puzzled by the expression, cardboard grannies. Here’s an image of one. The SCMP ran an article on the 7th February 2021, ‘Cardboard granny’ dies after being struck by truck in Hong Kong, linked below. And suggested […]

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Hong Kong Steam Laundry Companies from 1864 to the early 1930s – a history of insurmountable vicissitudes

James Chan: Our article, The [Hong Kong] Steam Laundry Company, asks for further information about what was thought to have been two steam laundry companies over a considerable period of time from the late 19th century to the early 1950s. Two pieces on the subject of steam laundries were included in a series of articles in the South China Morning […]

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Kai Tak Aerodrome – Part 2 Construction

1927 Kai Tak Reclamation

Tymon Mellor: Spurred by the looming civil war in China, the partially complete Kai Tak reclamation became a temporary RAF facility in 1927. Both the British and Hong Kong governments wanted to construct a dedicated aerodrome but limited financial resources tempered their enthusiasm. While discussions on funding continued, solutions to completing the reclamation and the design of the proposed aerodrome […]

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