Hong Kong Water Supply – Lower Shing Mun Reservoir

Shing Mun

Tymon Mellor: The development of the Shing Mun Valley for its water resources was first proposed back in 1924, and this led to the development of the Shing Mun reservoir. The 1924 study identified the opportunity to build a smaller reservoir down-stream from the main reservoir, but this was not progressed. It took the post-war water crisis for the Government […]

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West Brother Island (Tai Mo To) Graphite Mine

Hugh Farmer: The mine was in the bottom left hand (SW) corner of the island (apologies for a fuzzy picture that resembles shark’s fin soup) West Brother Island lies to the north east of HK International Airport.  I have read an account that the graphite was discovered in the early 1950s  by fishermen who were looking for sandstone to make […]

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Tai O stilt houses installed with solar panels- to be connected to CLP’s grid

Tai O Solar Panels Connecting To CLP Grid SCMP 26.2.17

“Discount the growing throngs of tourists and worsening traffic and not too much has changed for Tai O’s indigenous townsfolk. Shrimp, fish and squid are still laid out to air dry under the sun as they have for generations. But residents from one of the west Lantau town’s fishing villages are beginning to discover an additional use for sunshine through […]

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Kelly Brothers Manufacturing Factory, Pre-War Garment Pioneer

Athlet (2)

York Lo – Kelly Brothers Manufacturing Factory, Pre-War Garment Pioneer   Kelly Brothers 1953 advert Source: IDJ Founded in 1925, Kelly Brothers Manufacturing Factory (嘉綸兄弟織造) was one of the oldest garment manufacturers in Hong Kong, producing sport shirts, T-shirts, singlets, pullovers, vests etc under the “Spot”, “Anchor”, “Athlet” and “Lightning” brands. The brothers in the firm’s name refer to its […]

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The Hong Kong Shipowners Association

Hong Kong Shipowners Association

Thanks to SCT for proofreading the following: “By the middle of the 1950s a group of Chinese shipowners had been established in Hong Kong, operating small but expanding fleets of second-hand vessels. By dint of their origins in the environs of Shanghai and their common interest in shipping, they knew each other well enough and took to meeting regularly over […]

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The Smithfield slaughterhouse, Kennedy Town – photos from 1894

HF: These images come from the Colonial Collection, UK National Archives. Many thanks to Paul Onslow for sending them to me. They are of the slaughter houses and sheep and pig depot shown in this 1889 map of part of Kennedy Town. This article was first posted on 2nd February 2015. Related Indhhk articles: The Kennedy Town Slaughterhouses – initial notes

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Request for information about two 19th century ships: the mail steamer Rangoon and the steam ship Glencairn

Victoria Gaol, Hong Kong Undated Source Historical Photographs Of China

Hugh Farmer: Ali Foster, who lives in New Zealand, recently sent the following message: I came across your excellent website and am hoping you might be able to help me. I am searching for as much detailed information about two ships, the mail steamer, Rangoon and the steamship, Glencairn.  I would love to know what it was like on board […]

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V K Song & Co 1955 first HK waterproof rubber flashlight

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH – August 1955 A waterproof rubber flashlight Illustrated above is an all-purpose, industrial flashlight, the latest product from the factory of V K Song & Co., Ma Hang Chung Road, Kowloon. The flashlight itself is of seamless aluminium, completely sheaved in a strong easy-to-grip, seamless rubber jacket rendering it absolutely watertight (a British patent has been […]

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Green Island Cement Company photographs – Set 3 – Exterior – human scarecrows, brandy and hens…

Jane Taylor: My grandfather, Robert Taylor, appears to have started out in Macau in 1912 and moved to Hong Kong around 18 months later. He served as manager of the Green Island Cement Company, I think from the late 1920s, until his retirement in 1949. Recently discovered family photographs show the manager’s house clearly, and also its pre- and post-war […]

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