Hand-dug Caisson excavation in Hong Kong – worst recent construction job? – banned 1995

IDJ: In Hong Kong until around the mid 1990s, curious observers and old men with nothing better to do were a familiar sight gathered at gaps in construction sites fences where amongst the usual activities they could observe a practise possibly unique to Hong Kong. Husband and wife teams constructing large diameter, hand dug piles, known as caissons were common […]

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Au Shue-Hung (區樹洪, 1902-1991) – Real Estate Pioneer and Philanthropist

Au Shue Hung Real Estate Pioneer Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Au Shue-Hung (區樹洪, 1902-1991) – Real Estate Pioneer and Philanthropist Left: Au Shue-hung (center) and his wife with Governor Sir David Wilson (right) in 1988 at the dedication ceremony of the Au Shue Hung Centre for Film and Television; Right: Everest Building – the blue billboard on the right contained evangelical messages put up by the Au family.  […]

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Glimpses of Old Hong Kong: Sedan Chairs

Fung Chi Ming: The type of man-powered transport known in English as “sedan chair” has different regional names, including jiao (轎) in China and kago (駕籠) in Japan. In Hong Kong, where it is no longer used as a means of passenger transport, it is known in local Cantonese dialect as san-dau (山兜, “mountain cabin”), kin–yue (肩舆, “shoulder carriage”) and […]

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Advertising & Publicity Bureau (湯臣廣告公司)

A & PB Detail Image 3 York Lo

York Lo: Advertising & Publicity Bureau (湯臣廣告公司) APB’s booth at the British Industries Fair in 1939 in Birmingham, UK. APB was the first overseas ad agency to have exhibited at the show, which was the most popular attraction in the UK from the 1920s to the 1950s (Malaya Tribune, 1939-3-28)  As mentioned earlier in the article about the HK neon […]

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Traditional Tea Growing in the New Territories, RASHKB article

HF: Patrick Hase and James Hayes have kindly given permission to post their article, Traditional Tea Growing in the New Territories. KC Iu was also co-author but regrettably I have been unable to contact him. The article was published in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Branch, Vol 24, 1984. It has three sections, each written by one […]

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City of Neonlights: HK Neon Light Industry and some of its key players

HK Neon Light Industry Image Detail 9 York Lo

York Lo: City of Neonlights: HK Neon Light Industry and some of its key players Hong Kong owed its reputation as “the Pearl of the Orient” to its neon light industry which lit up the city from signs for small shops on busy streets to giant record-breaking signs atop skyscrapers on the Victoria harbor front from the 1930s to the […]

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Binnie & Partners, engineering consultancy, Hong Kong reservoirs and more…

HF:  In 1909 Sir AR Binnie and Son merged with another UK engineering consultancy to become Sir Alexander Binnie, Son and Deacon. Later later this company became Binnie &  Partners and from the 1990s it has been part of the multi-national Black and Veatch consultancy. Binnie & Partners had a close connection to Hong Kong from 1930. The company was involved […]

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Lee Man Rubber Manufactory (利民橡膠製品廠)

Lee Man Rubber Manufactory Image 1a2 York Lo

York Lo: Lee Man Rubber Manufactory (利民橡膠製品廠)  Top: Wong Kwai and brief profile of Lee Man Rubber (KSEN, 1954-12-23); Bottom: two examples of rubber shoes made by Lee Man in the 1950s (WKYP, 1958)   Another major rubber shoe manufacturer in HK in the 1940s through 1960s was Lee Man Rubber Manufactory, whose “Fly Gun” brand of rubber shoes was popular […]

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