Industrial Districts – Sai Kung

This article is the result of several people’s research into industrial development and other related topics in Sai Kung district. If you can provide information on any of the subjects below, or add to the list, it would be good to hear from you. I can then gradually add to this framework to provide a  fuller picture with an acknowledgment […]

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Fotoprint Service (浮圖攝影)

Fotoprint Service Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Fotoprint Service (浮圖攝影) Fotoprint on Stanley Street in 1959 on the right next to Mow Kie Ladies Tailor (ABC); Right: Fotoprint on D’Aguilar Street in 1965. (Gwulo)  Fotoprint Service was a prominent distributor of photo supplies and provider of photofinishing service from the 1940s to the 1980s alongside several of the firms covered earlier such as Asia Photo […]

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Beer in Hong Kong – Part One – the early days up to the planned opening of its first brewery

Martyn Cornell has kindly given permission for extracts from his article, A Short History of Beer in Hong Kong, to be posted on our website. The article was published in the Journal of the Brewery History Society, Brewery History, Issue 156, 2012 Martyn has his own blog, Zythophile – Beer now and then, linked below. Despite its title the article is […]

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Waglan Island lighthouse – inaugurated on 9th May, 1893

Stephen Davies rightly laments: Some of our maritime heritage, like the older lighthouses, are…gazetted monuments… but by far and away the majority of the maritime past that made Hong Kong what it is, from the historic dockyards, shipyards, wharves, jetties and basins…are dead, buried and for the most part forgotten. From a note attached to Stephen’s article, The Principal Datum: Some […]

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K.K. Lam (林君傑) – the Rise and Fall of a Watch Band Merchant turned Speculator 

K.K. LamWatch Band Merchant Detail B Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: K.K. Lam (林君傑) – the Rise and Fall of a Watch Band Merchant turned Speculator Left: K.K. Lam (Federation of HK Watch Trade & Industries); Right: opening of Ying Kit Stock Co in October 1972 (WKYP, 1972-10-30)  Earlier in the group we have covered three HK industrialists whose high-profile disappearances captured the headlines in their respective decade – […]

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Les Messageries Maritimes á Hong Kong (1918-1941)

Messageries Maritimes Detail Liner Pathos In Hong Kong Harbour Circa 1930 Private Collection Francois Dremeaux

François Dremeaux has kindly sent extracts from his MPhil dissertation Les Messageries Maritimes á Hong Kong (1918-1941). He says “I did my MPhil about the Messageries Maritimes in Hong Kong during the interwar period. More than a subject, it is also a passion!” HF: François has translated the extracts from the original French and I have slightly amended his translations […]

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Olyphant & Co, China 19th century (Hong Kong office)

HF: Olyphant & Co. was a merchant trading house in 19th-century China. From its initial involvement there, the firm expanded into other countries including Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand.  Olyphant & Co’s business dealings in Peru caused the company to collapse in 1878. The firm was founded in Canton by David WC Olyphant (1789-1851) and Charles N Talbot after their former employer, King […]

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Kau Wa Keng Old Village, 九華徑 – glove and shoe factories – closed in the late 1970s

Angela Chan recently posted a comment on our article, Kau Wa Keng Old Village, 九華徑 – recent photographs, which says that there were indeed small factories, namely making gloves and shoes, in the village as suggested in the article. Angela has kindly expanded on her initial comment with the following information and images: We had relatives and friends working at the glove […]

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T.B. Hwang and Benny Tang

T.B.Hwang And Benny Tang Detail B Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: T.B. Hwang and Benny Tang Hwang Tiong-beng (hereafter referred to as “T.B. Hwang”) was a prominent figure in the shipping and shipbuilding business in the 1960s and 1970s while Benny Tang Kar-hung, the brother of Hwang’s daughter in law was a key figure in the HK construction industry and local football circle from the 1970s to the 1990s. […]

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