The Peak Tram

IDJ/Hugh Farmer: The Peak Tram was opened for public service on 28 May 1888. Initially a static steam engine was used to power the haulage cable. [can anyone tell us who manufactured the original engine  and any other details about the Tram’s  early mechanical operation?] In 1926 an electric motor replaced the original engine. This was manufactured along with other […]

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Ngautaukok Shipyard during the Japanese Occupation, 1942-1945

Elizabeth Ride has sent this brief extract from BAAG Intelligence Summaries written during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, World War Two. Three wooden vessels were reported to be under construction and nearing completion in mid-1944 at the Ngautaukok Shipyard, located South of the Fukui Shipyard.  Only small wooden ships are built here, and work was reported in July 1944 […]

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Ting Fung Iron Works (鼎豐鐵工廠)

Ting Fung Iron Works Detail B Image 1

York Lo: Ting Fung Iron Works (鼎豐鐵工廠) Ting Fung owner Fu Chuen-sang (centre) with his assistant Fung Man-biu (left) and head of sales Shen Sin-lai (right) heading over to West Africa. Shen Source: Wah Kiu Yat Po 1965-8-9 Founded in 1948, Ting Fung Iron Works was one of the leading enamelware manufacturers in Hong Kong. Like most of his peers, […]

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Hong Kong – The First Construction Boom

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Tymon Mellor: Since the early days of the British colony, residential and commercial development have driven much of the economy. The initial land sales provided sites for merchants to build godowns to store their wares, generating revenue for the new administration and providing confidence in the stability in the colony. Construction of elegant buildings and urban infrastructure created the first […]

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Alfred Nobel 1833-1896 (British Dynamite Company – Magazine Island Hong Kong)

HF: Magazine Island (火藥洲; Fo Yeuk Chau), originally known as One Tree Island (一木島) is located off the southwest coast of Hong Kong Island, and off the northwestern tip of Ap Lei Chau. Administratively, it is part of Southern District. The former Magazine Building on Magazine Island is now a Grade Three Historic Building. It was built by the British Dynamite Company, which later […]

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Chutsing, Sailmaker, Endicott’s Bazaar, 1864

Chutsing, Sailmaker, 3 Endicott’s Bazaar, Hong Kong. “Sails made and repaired in an efficient manner, on the most moderate terms.” Note: 1864 is the correct year of the publication of this advert despite 1863 being mentioned within the advert. This article was first posted on 26th March 2017. Related Indhhk articles: Wm Dolan, Sailmaker, Duddell Street, 1868 Neil Pryde Ltd […]

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Yakult (益力多): 50 Years in Hong Kong

Yakult 50 Years In Hong Kong Detail B Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Yakult (益力多): 50 Years in Hong Kong Left: glass bottle of Yakult before 1971; Middle: the original Yakult HK plant at 161 Wai Yip Street in Kwun Tong (Yakult HK website); Right: plastic bottle of Yakult today In the late 1960s around the same time when Japanese instant noodle (see our article on Winner Food and Doll noodles) […]

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