Central Theatre (中央戲院)

Central Theatre Detail Image 2 York Lo

York Lo: Central Theatre (中央戲院) Left: ad announcing the opening of Central Theatre with the movie “The Love Parade” in 1930 (SCMP, 1930-6-11); Center: Central Theatre in 1935 (as evidenced by the sign for the Cantonese opera movie); Right: Central Theatre’s ad in 1932 for Douglas Fairbank’s “Around the World in 80 Minutes” (China Mail, 1932-3-23) For 40 years from […]

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Amoy Canning increases production to enter the European market, newspaper article September 1939

IDJ has sent this newspaper article, which adds a little more information to what we know about Amoy Canning Corporation, shown in various articles linked below. Source: Hong Kong Daily Press 26th September 1939 This article was first posted on 12th November 2020. Related Indhhk articles: Amoy Canning – photograph of Mr T S Wong, Managing Director of the company […]

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Mak and Mark: the century-old tales of two Nam Pak Hong families with the same surname

Mak And Mark Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Mak and Mark: the century-old tales of two Nam Pak Hong families with the same surname In the early 20th century, Mak Kwong and Adolfo Mark were leading merchants in the Chinese medicine business in the traditional Chinese business district of Nam Pak Hong with global network of buyers and suppliers. Their Mak Kwong Kee and Yick Wo […]

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Plover Cove Reservoir – 1977 Water Supplies Dept report

Plover Cove Fleets Of Lorries Were Used, Upgraded Image From IDJ

HF: IDJ has very kindly upgraded two of the photographs and the map included in the following article. In 1977 (?) the Water Supplies Department published a report publicizing the construction of  Plover Cove reservoir which had been officially opened in January 1969, though the height of the dams was subsequently raised, this being completed in 1973. Two stages are […]

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Stone Cutters’ Lives in Hong Kong – 1952 article

IDJ has sent an article about Stone Cutters (or Breakers) and their working lives in Hong Kong… The article was originally published in 1952 by the Building Contractor’s Association which subsequently became the Hong Kong Construction Association which exists today. The images shown here have also been supplied by IDJ but are not in the 1952 article. They are all located […]

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Fu Fai Enterprises (富輝企業)

Fu Fai Enterprises Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Fu Fai Enterprises (富輝企業) Left: Fu Fai founder Leung Moon-chuen; Right: article about Fu Fai’s Avon Court on Broadcast Drive in 1973 (KSEN, 1973-6-14) Incorporated in 1970 and publicly listed between 1973 and 1988, Fu Fai Enterprises has been a player in the HK real estate scene for over half a century with projects throughout HK, Kowloon and […]

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The Rope Making Industry in Hong Kong, 1957 Trade Bulletin article

Rope-Making Twine, halliards, cables – if what you need can be classified under the general heading of ‘rope’, it is almost certainly made in Hong Kong. One of the Colony’s earliest industries was ship-building from which a natural offshoot was rope-making. In 1883 Hong Kong’s first rope-making was opened with a capital of HK$150,000.[HF: this was The Hongkong Rope Manufacturing […]

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Lantau Island Industry

HF: This article is the result of several people’s research into industrial development, lighthouses, log ponds, manufacturing, mining, reservoirs, salt, shipyards, tea, timber mills, transport, utilities and other related topics on Lantau Island. If you can provide information on any of the subjects below, or add to the list, it would be good to hear from you. I can then […]

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