South China Bricks and Tiles Manufacturing Company – reopening of plant at San Hui, Castle Peak, New Territories

IDJ has sent the following article about the reopening of the South China Bricks and Tiles Manufacturing Company which had taken over the entire plant and properties of the South China Brickworks Ltd situated at San Hui, Castle Peak, New Territories, Hong Kong. HF: If you are interested in this subject you might like to read our previously posted article, […]

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The Hongkong Milling Company (Rennie’s Mill)

HF: The Hongkong Milling Company had a brief existence during the early part of the 20th century. Things ended tragically when its prime founder Alfred Herbert Rennie committed suicide by throwing himself off the company launch taking him to the Mill. The company, a major industrial enterprise at that time, is almost forgotten. I wonder also how many people remember […]

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Eastern Extension Telegraph Company – linking HK to the world

HF: The article containing the report, The Causes and Effects of the Present Trade Depression in HK 1935 mentions The Eastern Extension Telegraph Company Ltd and its manager, a Mr Carter. Curious about the history of submarine communication cables linking Hong Kong and the rest of the world I discovered  an absorbing website run by Bill Burns. This goes under […]

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SS Tak Shing – reconditioned SS Sai On at Cheoy Lee Shipyard

Tak Shing Image From Phil Kenny

IDJ has sent the following newspaper article about the river steamer Tak Shing, which was the former “fire-gutted” steamer Sai On, see already posted article below. Phil Kenny has kindly sent two images below of the Tak Shing. HF: I have retyped the original newspaper article to aid clarity and searches. Where obvious mistakes have been made I have indicated […]

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Lawrence Kadoorie, connected to CLP, Peak Tramways, HK Engineering & Construction, HK Brewers & Distillers, Kowloon Docks…

Lawrence Kadoorie HK Sunday Herald 15th Sept 1935 From IDJ

IDJ has sent the following newspaper article which was published in the Hong Kong Sunday Herald in a 1930s long series entitled Hong Kong Personalities. HF: As you will read Lawrence Kadoorie was connected to a very large number of Hong Kong companies, including China Light and Power, Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels Ltd, Peak Tramways, the Hong Kong Engineering […]

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GuGuSoy factory and restaurant, Ho Sheung Heung village, Sheung Shui

HF: The GuGuSoy factory and restaurant is located in Ho Sheung Heung village, just west of Long Valley which itself is west of Sheung Shui. It opened in 2005. By sheer concidence I was walking in that area on the 9th September 2014, when I came across both the restaurant and an SCMP article about it published on that day. […]

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Hong Kong Glove Manufacturers

Hong Kong Gloves Manufacturers Image 5 York Lo

York Lo: Hong Kong Glove Manufacturers The glove manufacturing industry in Hong Kong began in the early 1950s and traced its roots to Shanghai. The number of players quickly increased from less than five to over 40 within three years and most of the growth was driven by export demand, particularly in the UK where HK manufacturers had preferential tax […]

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Long Distance Telephone Service established between Hongkong and Canton, The Far Eastern Review October 1931

Long Distance Telephone Service Image 3

HF: Peter Crush has sent this article extracted from the Far Eastern Review of October 1931. HF: I have retyped the original version to aid clarity and searches. Thanks to SCT for proofreading the retyped version shown here. A new era of rapid telephone communication in China began on September 1, when long  distance telephone service was established between the […]

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