Ip Chung-sang (葉中生) – leading designer and interior decorator for Chinese restaurants in HK and beyond in the 1960s and 1970s

Ip Chung Sang Detail Image 3 York Lo

York Lo: Ip Chung-sang (葉中生) – leading designer and interior decorator for Chinese restaurants in HK and beyond in the 1960s and 1970s Left: Picture of Ip Chung-sang and article about his work on the Metropole restaurant in 1970 (WKYP, 1970-7-19); Right: Ip Chung-sang in the early 1950s from an article about his work on the Golden City restaurant (WKYP, […]

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Submarine Cables – Maps 1901 + 1991 worldwide / Hong Kong networks

HF: Bill Burns runs a fascinating and detailed website about the history of submarine communication cables (linked at the end of this article). He has kindly sent four maps related to the worldwide network of such cables in 1901 and 1991. Two of the maps are centred on Hong Kong. The first is a 1901 World Map of “Grandes Communications […]

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Ha Lung Hong (合隆行) and the New Zealand Deer Velvet Trade

Ha Lung Hong And The New Zealand Deer Velvet Trade Detail Image 2 York Lo

York Lo: Ha Lung Hong (合隆行) and the New Zealand Deer Velvet Trade Left to right: Bill Bong’s mother C.Y. Loh, fellow Shanghainese businessman C.L. Hsu, Leo Lee, Bill Bong, Tung Wah chairman Charles Lui, Mrs. Lui, Bill Bong’s wife Ling Yuk-chun(KSDN, 1973-9-25) Chinese medicine is one of the oldest industries in Hong Kongand in the 1960s,Ha Lung Hong Medicine […]

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Waglan Island lighthouse – a brief history

Stephen Davies provides further information about the history of Waglan Island lighthouse, its link to another in NE China and to two European companies. And a Swede who was awarded the Nobel prize for Physics for his invention regarding the illumination of lighthouses. SD: The light was built by Paris lighthouse makers Barbier, Bénard & Turenne as one of two identical lights for the […]

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Yen Dack Land Investment (仁德置業)

Yen Dack Land Investment Detail Image 3 York Lo

York Lo: Yen Dack Land Investment (仁德置業) Article about Yen Dack Land in 1962 with sketch of Yen Dack Building (WKYP, 1962-9-19) Yen Dack Land Investment is one of the lesser known developers which has developed many buildings in Hong Kong with the character “Yen” in its names since the 1960s. Left: wedding picture of Chan Kwong-dew and Gwendolyn Ho […]

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HK and Whampoa Dockyard – what happened to its famous Hammerhead Crane?

Hugh Farmer: New information in red. In 1932 Earle’s Shipbuilding and Engineering Company, Hull, UK, was acquired by National Shipbuilders Security and dismantled, with the yard’s fitting-out crane being sold off to the Kowloon (HK &  Whampoa) Dockyard in Hong Kong. Tymon Mellor: In November 1937, the Whampoa docks at Hung Hom were connected to the KCR by a 1.090ft siding down […]

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New nightsoil collection removal methods in Hongkong, newspaper article 1940

Thanks to IDJ for sending in this article thereby enlarging our knowledge about the collection of nightsoil in Hong Kong and hopefully making us appreciate the modern collection and treatment of sewage. Thanks also to SCT for proofreading the retyped article. New nightsoil removal methods in Hongkong Combating the Cholera Menace in the Colony Drastic changes in the present method […]

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Yan O Wan “Log Pond”, Lantau – 1983 Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung film location

Philip Edward Kenny: These days it’s the location of an MTR station which gets tourists to nearby Disneyland on Lantau Island, but in 1983 it was the location used for a scene in the film Project A, when Sammo Hung leads the gangsters to his cache of hidden guns only to find that Jackie Chan has beaten him to it – […]

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