Once Upon A Time in Mongkok: Chow Ngai Hing Knitting Factory

Chow Ngai Hing Knitting Factory 1941 Detail Four Image Of The Factory

York Lo: Once Upon A Time in Mongkok: Chow Ngai Hing Knitting Factory One of Chow Ngai Hing’s brands – the Horse trademark. In Mongkok, there are four streets which have names there are associated with garments – Yim Po Fong Street (染布房街, dyeing mill street), Hak Po Street (黒布街, black cloth street), Pak Po Street (白布街,white cloth street) and Sai […]

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Early modern Hong Kong industrial design – Chuen Sun Knitting Factory Ltd, new version

Chuen Sun Knitting Factory 1947 Image Hkmemory

Mike T: There’s an interesting connection to the 555 undershirt brand made in Hong Kong by Chuen Sun Knitting Factory Ltd in the book “Design History: An Anthology”. “Early modern Hong Kong industrial design Hong Kong industrial design during the first half of the twentieth century developed much the same adaptive and synthetic strategies as that of graphic design. The silversmithing […]

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Levy Hermanos – Watch Emporium, Central – late 19th and early 20th centuries

Travis Ling: The Philippines watchmaker Levy Hermanos had a HK branch in Queen’s Road, Central at the end of the 19th and start of the 20th centuries. Armand Levy was the manager of the Hong Kong branch, and E. Levy, J. Weill and Albert Weill were watchmakers. Armand Levy resided at 61 Wyndham Street and Albert Weill at Stillingflete, 4 […]

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Hong Kong United Dockyards (HUD)

James Chan: Hong Kong United Dockyards often abbreviated to United Dockyards or HUD was formed from the merger of the Hong Kong and Whampoa Dock (founded 1863) and Taikoo Dockyard (1902). The Whampoa Dock was located in Hung Hom, West Kowloon and Taikoo Dockyard in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong Island. In 1973 in part to meet the container revolution in […]

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Wei Yit Vacuum Flask Manufactory and Camel Brand

Wei Yit Vacuum Flask Manufactory Founder Leung Tsoo Hing

York Lo: Wei Yit Vacuum Flask Manufactory and Camel brand In early April 2017, Apple Daily reported a resurgence of interest in the “Camel” brand of vacuum flasks in the local market thanks to its high quality and the interest in buying “Made in Hong Kong” products. (For those who can read Chinese, see links to below articles): http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com/news/art/20170304/19947161 http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com/news/art/20170304/19947163 http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com/news/art/20170304/19947173 […]

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Phoebus Neon Light Company, Hong Kong

Phoebus Neon Light Company, Advert HK Sunday Herald 24th July 1932 From IDJ

IDJ has sent the following advert and newspaper article about Phoebus Neon Light Company, Hong Kong. HF I have retyped the article to improve clarity and aid research. Thanks to SCT for proof reading the retyped article. NEON SIGNS MADE IN HONG KONG Skilled Workmen In New Factory. SECRETS OF PROCESS. Business Had Spread Far In Few Years. Phoebus Neon […]

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Lok On Pai “desalting” plant, aerial photos 1973, 1982 and 2013

HF: These aerial photographs show the Lok On Pai desalting plant in 1973, 1982 and 2013. The plant opened in 1973 and closed in 1981 so the photos show it in the year of being commissioned, the year after its closure and last year. This article was first posted on 9th November 2014. Related Indhhk articles: Lok On Pai “desalting” […]

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Aberdeen Dock (Lamma Shipyard) during the Japanese occupation 1942-1945

Elizabeth Ride: Aberdeen Dock (Lamma Shipyard), Map ref 186503.   Extract from the BAAG Intelligence Summaries. The Aberdeen Dock, known as the Lamma Shipyard, is controlled by the Kokoki Butei.  No new construction work was undertaken by this yard in 1944.  The principal work was the repair of wooden auxiliary vessels, 8/10 of which passed through the yard between January and […]

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