Dick, Kerr and Company, Preston UK, makers of first HK Tramways cars 1904-1905

HF: In February 1902 The Hongkong Tramway Electric Company Ltd was formed in England. Contracts were signed. Alfred Dickenson & Co were appointed consulting engineers and Dick, Kerr & Co Ltd were contracted to provide the tram equipment and track. The latter supplied the first tram cars between 1904 and 1905 as below: Make/Model Description Fleet size Year acquired Year retired […]

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Eastern Aviation, Wallace Harper – Hong Kong Aviation Entrepreneur

Wallace Harper With One Of His Arrow Sport Biplanes, May 1932 IDJ

Our recently posted article, Harpers – the Family, the Dealership and the first 50 years of Ford automobiles in Hong Kong, mentions, “In 1931, Wallace [Harper]went into the aviation business by accident…” I asked IDJ, our go-to contributor on matters relating to the history of aviation in Hong Kong. It took him a while, to search through his archives but eventually […]

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Harpers – the Family, the Dealership and the first 50 years of Ford automobiles in Hong Kong

Harpers Ford Automobiles In HK Detail B Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Harpers – the Family, the Dealership and the first 50 years of Ford automobiles in Hong Kong Left: Harper House on Ma Tau Wai Road in To Kwa Wan (now BMW Building); Right: 1938 Ford ad by Harpers promoting the new Ford Ten. For close to a century, Wallace Harper & Co (also known as Harpers) has been […]

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The Indo-China Steam Navigation Company’s Hinsang, built 1941 by HK & Whampoa Dock

Hinsang Model Of The Ship, Now Displayed In Jardine's London Office Stephen Kentwell

HF: Stephen Kentwell recently left a comment on our article, BAAG records of shipping in HK during 1944-45 – the Shin Kensei, ex Indo-China Steam Navigation Co. As Stephen thinks this refers to the ICSNC’s Hinsang I am posting his comment and an image of the ship in this new article. Stephen: I believe this [BAAG record] refers to Indo-China S.N. […]

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Red Capitalist: the life and ventures of K.C. Wong (王寬誠,1907-1986)

Red Capitalist K.C.Wong Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Red Capitalist: the life and ventures of K.C. Wong (王寬誠,1907-1986) Left: Portrait of K.C. Wong from the 1950s; Right: K.C. Wong meeting with Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in the early 1980s When it comes to Hongkong’s “Red Capitalists”, Henry Fok (whose biographical entry I wrote for the Dictionary of HK Biography) is probably the first name that came […]

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European Settlements in the Far East – Part One, Industries in HK around 1900

Vaudine England has kindly sent a link to what she describes as a typically 1900-era directory of the European empires in the east. Of great interest to us is a rather neat summary of the industry and shipyards in Hong Kong at that time. The author was D Warren Smith.(1) I thought I would divide these summaries into two parts. […]

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Cheung Chau Island Industry

Cheung Cha Fish Drying Detail C1920s Courtesy, HKU Libraries HK Memory Snipped Image

This article is the result of initial research into industrial development and related matters on Cheung Chau Island. If you can provide information on any of the subjects below, or add to the list, it would be good to hear from you. I can then gradually add to this framework to provide a fuller picture with an acknowledgment of your contribution. […]

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Hong Kong Water Supply – Mint Dam and Other Early Structures

Water Supply Facilities Default 010

Tymon Mellor: In the 1870’s as Hong Kong, or more precisely the city of Victoria, expanded, it was a continual challenge to supply water to the growing population and new industries. Whilst the western portion of the city could utilise the new water supply from the new Pok Fu Lam reservoir, everything east of the “Clock Tower” in Pedder Street […]

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Wan Tat-ming (溫達明) and Ling Nam Weaving (嶺南布廠)

Wan Tat Ming And Ling Nam Weaving Detail B Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Wan Tat-ming (溫達明) and Ling Nam Weaving (嶺南布廠) Left: Wan Tat-ming(Kung Sheung Evening News 1956-12-24); Right: Ad for Ling Nam Weaving in 1948 (Tung Wah Monthly, 1948) Like Shum Choy-wah who was covered earlier in another article, Wan Tat-ming (1906-1988) was a major figure in the weaving mill business and community leader in the 1940s through 1960s who […]

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