West Rail – Part 4 Detailed Design

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With the completion of the technical studies phase of the project in 1998, the Western Corridor Railway had been rationalized from a multimodal railway serving two China crossings and operating double stack freight, to a commuter line linking Tuen Mun to Kowloon. With Government funding in place, the new project now known as ‘West Rail’ was ready to proceed to […]

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Asiatic Petroleum Company employees, a compilation – information needed

Asiatic Petroleum Company Staff Photo Shanghai 1930s Historical Photographs Of China, University Of Bristol

For latest updates please see items highlighted in blue.  HF: Joseph Mansfield left a comment attached to this article in late July 2023 saying he was researching the history of the Netherland Club of New York founded in 1903. Joseph was particularly interested in a president of the club J.A. de Lanoy who was an employee of the Asiatic Petroleum […]

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West Rail – Part 3 Technical Studies

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Tymon Mellor: Following the submission in November 1995 by the KCRC of a detailed feasibility study (DFS) for the Western Corridor Railway, the Government had a full proposal for the line, including an updated cost at $75 billion; more than twice the original estimate. To achieve a proposed opening in 2001, preliminary engineering and design works would need to commence […]

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Wing On Shing Shipyard during the Japanese occupation 1942-1945

Elizabeth Ride: These BAAG reports about Wing On Shing Shipyard come from the period of the Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong during WW2. The Wing On Sing  Shipyard, located on the foreshore along Castlepeak Road  between Shamshuipo and Laichikok is controlled by the Kokoki or Koreki Butai.  It builds and repairs wooden vessels, landing craft, launches and motor boats.  One […]

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Shing Y. Tang (鄧典初) – Pioneer of the HK Nail and Metal Windows Industry

Shing Y Tang Detail B2 Image 4 York Lo

York Lo: Shing Y. Tang (鄧典初) – Pioneer of the HK Nail and Metal Windows Industry SY Tang (second from right) and his fellow CGCC colleague Leung Chan-fai (梁燦輝,second from left) distributing rice in Yuen Long with local Yuen Long leaders Chiu Lut-sau (趙聿修, first from right) and Tang Tung-kwong (鄧同光, first from left) (Ta Kung Pao, 1960-5-25) While the […]

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Lok On Pai “desalting” plant, 1975-1981

HF: Desalination (or “Desalting” as it appeared to be called at that time)  was a source of water in Hong Kong between 1975 and 1981. A large desalination plant was commissioned at Lok On Pai, near Tuen Mun, in 1975, but was decommissioned  in 1981 because its operation was more expensive than importing water from Dongjiang in China. A Water Supplies […]

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The Kowloon Canton Railway (British Section) Part 4 – The Early Years (1910 to 1940)

Tymon Mellor: With the opening of the Hong Kong section of the railway on 1st October 1910 and the mainland section 12 months later, Hong Kong was now part of the expanding Chinese railway network. This would link Hong Kong to the new Chinese markets; bringing huge changes to the region and the world. Unfortunately, the world did not change […]

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Finland, London and Swiss – 3 Ice Cream Brands from the 1960s

Finland, London And Swiss 3 Ice Cream Brands From The 1960s Detail Image 4 York Lo

York Lo: Finland, London and Swiss – 3 Ice Cream Brands from the 1960s Aside from Dairy Farm, On Lok Yuen and Yan Chim Kee which have been covered in earlier articles, three other HK ice cream makers from the 1960s were Finland Ice Cream, London Ice Cream and Swiss Ice Cream – all with European sounding names but 100% Chinese […]

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The Development of Telephone Communication in China, Part Two

China Telephone 1

HF: Peter Crush kindly sent me the following article published in October 1931. While it does not mention the history of phones in Hong Kong I thought it would be of general interest. I have occasionally changed the script when I though it was a little old fashioned. And indicated where the script was illegible or missing. The original article […]

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