Tatt Sing Sanyo (達誠三洋電器)

Tatt Sing Sanyo Detail Image 4 York Lo

York Lo: Tatt Sing Sanyo (達誠三洋電器) Tat Sheng Trading’s ad for the entire range of Sanyo products ranging from fans, cookers and transistor radios in 1958 (WKYP, 1958-6-5)  Earlier on the website, we have covered several Japanese brands such as Sony, Minolta and Ricoh which entered the HK market through partnerships with local firms such as Chung Yuen Electrical, Goddard […]

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Cross harbour road tunnel – link to planning of Shing Mun reservoir, late 1920s?

AC wrote a comment following the article, Cross Harbour bridge proposal – road 1901, tram 1920s. “There were suggestions (not detailed proposals) during the planning of the Shing Mun Reservoir scheme to construct a road tunnel together with the cross harbour pipeline, much like the first Lion Rock Tunnel for the Plover Cove scheme. It was however not taken forward.” […]

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Wo Fat Hing Distillery, Lung Wo village

HF: Any further information about this company or others involved in producing alcohol in HK, especially Chinese ones, would be welcomed. (see links below) While walking down Clear Water Bay Road on 21st Feb 2015 I glanced down a rather rough side road, saw a small, industrial looking building and decided to investigate. At the start of the road was a […]

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Rainbow Latex (雲利乳膠) and Seven Sea Chemicals (七海化工)

Rainbow Latex, Seven Sea Chemicals Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Rainbow Latex and Seven Sea Chemicals Rainbow and Seven Sea are two key firms in the history of the latex industry in Hong Kong started by two branches of the Wu family from Shanghai. Starting out as a squatter factory, the firms survived multiple fires over the years and family disputes and became the first and leading manufacturer […]

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The Borneo Company Ltd – 1856 Hong Kong branch opened

James Chan: The Borneo Company Ltd had a very interesting history. In 1856 it apparently opened an office in Hong Kong and it would be interesting to know more about the company’s operations here. Rudi Butt’s fascinating Hong Kong’s First blog (linked below) contains this: This summary of the company comes from wikipedia: The Borneo Company Ltd formed in 1856, is […]

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Hong Kong Water Supply – The Tai Tam Tuk Scheme – Second Section


Tymon Mellor: In 1902 the Public Works Department embarked on the Tai Tam Tuk Scheme. This was divided into the First Section covering the construction of the Tai Tam Intermediate Reservoir and the Second Section for the main Tai Tam Tuk reservoir. The latter would become Hong Kong’s largest reservoir with a capacity greater than the total of all the […]

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Majestic (美琪) and Union (鑑臣): Makers of Soaps, Perfumes and Essential Oils

Majestic And Union Detail B Image 2 York Lo

York Lo: Majestic (美琪) and Union (鑑臣): Makers of Soaps, Perfumes and Essential Oils  Left: Ad for Majestic soap in Hong Kong in 1950 (KSDN, 1950-10-3); Right: Headline coverage of the murder of C.D. Lee in 1958. The pictures in the top section from left to right are Liu Han-ming, Joseph Pei and C.D. Lee. The pictures in the bottom […]

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Chek Lap Kok Island industry, pre-airport

Chek Lap Kok Island is located north of Lantau Island off Ma Wan Chung and Tung Chung. Before the building of the new Hong Hong International Airport, it was a small, hilly island, about 4 kilometres long, with an area of about 3 sq km.  The name of the island may be derived from the bareness of the island (‘da […]

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Netherlands Harbour Works Company – dredging HK harbour / reclamation at Kai Tak 1927

IDJ: Possibly the earliest large scale dredging and reclamation contractor in HK was the above company. HF: ‘…the road passes Macao Siac where the Netherlands Harbour Works Co has established its workshops in connection with the Port Works of Macao …” 1929 (1) Problems for the company in Australia during WW2: There is also a contemporary Royal Netherlands Harbour Works based in […]

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Y.D. Yao (姚玉棣) and Allied Advertising Agency (中雍廣告公司)

Y.D.Yao And Allied Advertising Agency Detail Image 4 York Lo

York Lo: Y.D. Yao (姚玉棣) and Allied Advertising Agency (中雍廣告公司) Y.D. Yao (left) with the head of East Asiatic and his wife at the HK Hilton in 1971 when Allied became the ad agent for East Asiatic handling its brands such as Carlsberg beer (KSEN, 1971-12-25)  Earlier in the group, we have covered APB and Far East Advertising (see article […]

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