CLP A Century of Light – how power was brought to Kowloon and the New Territories

Amelia Allsop,  Manager – Collections and Research at the Hong Kong Heritage Project, has sent A Century of Light – CLP Centenary Souvenir Book linked below covering the period 1901-2001. Amelia was kindly responding to an enquiry as to whether the Project has any information about Tai O Power Company which had been known as Tai O Union Electric Company. […]

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William Jardine, Co-founder of Jardine, Matheson & Company

William Jardine Detail Portrait George Chinnery Source Wikipedia

HF: The following article about William Jardine was written by Alain Le Pichon and first  published in the Dictionary of Hong Kong Biography, edited by May Holdsworth and Christopher Munn. The publisher, HK University Press, has kindly granted permission for it to be posted here, but retains copyright over this material from 2012. Thanks to SCT for proofreading the retyped article. Jardine, […]

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H.K. Wah Yuen Investment (華源置業) – Leading Property Developer in the 1950s and 1960s

HK Wah Yuen Investment Detail B Image 5 York Lo

York Lo: H.K. Wah Yuen Investment (華源置業) – Leading Property Developer in the 1950s and 1960s  Article about Wah Yuen in 1958 hightlighting quick issuance of property deeds (WKYP, 1958-4-30) Earlier on the website, we covered the careers of the Chung brothers, whose “E.Wah Aik Sang” (怡華益新) earned them the title of “king of industrial buildings”. Before founding E.Wah and […]

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Singnam Choy (蔡星南) – Founder of the HK Chinese Godown Association

Singnam Choy Detail Image 2 York Lo

York Lo: Singnam Choy (蔡星南) – Founder of the HK Chinese Godown Association Left: Singnam Choy (right) with Lam Hau-tak (see Lam Yuen Fong article) and Chau Cham-kwong as heads of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals in 1948 (WKYP, 1948- 6-19); Right: notice issued by The Ching Hua Co in 1947 to clarify that it had no relations with […]

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Wong Kwong – appointed chief draughtsman at W.S.Bailey & Company shipyard 1901

HF: This 1934 obituary of Wong Kwong (1875-1934) was first published in the 1934 Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, UK. I have been unable to find an image of Wong Kwong and would be grateful if someone could point me in the direction of one and/or further general information about his time as an employee of Bailey’s shipyard. […]

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The Imperial Brewing Company formed 1905, commenced operations 1907

HF with thanks to IDJ for the image: “An industry only recently, started in Hongkong is that carried on — under the general management of Messrs. Barretto & Co. — by the Imperial Brewing Company, Ltd., which was formed in 1905, and commenced operations in December, 1907, as soon as the necessary plant had been erected. The premises are situated in the Wongneichung Road, and […]

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Oriental Engineering (華捷洋行)

Oriental Engineering Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Oriental Engineering (華捷洋行) Representatives of Oriental Engineering welcoming L.A. Jull, chairman of LEC Refrigeration at the Kai Tak Airport in 1961 (KSDN, 1965-3-31)  Founded in 1910 in Foochow, Oriental Engineering Co Ltd (incorporated in HK in 1964) is one of the oldest and largest distributors of refrigeration and kitchen equipment in HK and remains under the management of […]

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The origins of Wahee, Smith & Co. (later China Sugar Refinery.)

York Lo has found this extract from the Carl Smith book linked below. One of the  early business enterprises in which Tong Mow-chee and his brother, Tong King-sing, were interested was the first sugar refinery built in Hong Kong. The sugar company grew out of a business parnership between Tong King-sing, William McGregor Smith and a Mr Dahlbeck. When the […]

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