Industrial accidents in HK – 500 people killed since 1999

“Only one person has ever been given a jail sentence – and that was suspended – since incarceration was included in the industrial safety law in 1989, even though hundreds of workers have been killed while transforming Hong Kong into a modern city.

The confirmation by the Labour Department prompted calls from labour activists for Hong Kong to learn from Britain and make the HK$500,000 maximum fine in the Factories and Industrial Undertakings Ordinance unlimited…

…Official figures examined by the Post showed that about 500 people have been killed in industrial accidents since 1999, according to the latest data available.

Taking one example, 10 workers have lost their lives and 600 others have been injured since work started on the bridge linking Hong Kong with Zhuhai and Macau in 2010.

Prison provisions were added to the ordinance in 1989 to strengthen deterrence. The maximum term is 12 months. The law was first enacted in 1955.

The department confirmed that it was only in May this year that an individual was given a prison sentence…(1)

Industrial Accident On Barge Victoria Harbour SCMP 4th May 2016

One worker died and another was injured in an explosion on a barge in Victoria Harbour on 4th May 2016 Courtesy: SCMP

This article was first posted on 5th July 2017.


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