1921 Explosion at Kowloon firecracker factory kills and injures fifty – map added of Smallpox hospital location

Additional information in red. James Chan: I came across this Report of the Secretary for Chinese Affairs for the year 1921. 

It would interesting to know where  this converted Kowloon smallpox hospital was. No exact date is given as to when the accident happened. And what the name of the company making the firecrackers was.

“An unfortunate accident occurred in the old Small pox hospital in Kowloon which not having been used as such for a considerable time was converted to a firecracker factory, and fifty women and girls were killed and injured by an explosion in February.”

Lau Yik Chuen has added this comment: You can find a map showing the ” old smallpox hospital” at Ho Man Tin below:
http://www.uwants.com/viewthread.php?tid=15184666&page=8  Pls go to message no. 117

HF: Thanks for the contribution. Here’s the map, from 1930, with the hospital in the centre. Click to enlarge.

Can someone place this Smallpox hospital location on a contemporary HK map, with north to the top? And directly link this hospital to the 1921 explosion?

Ho Man Tin Small Pox Hospital

This article was first posted on 12th January 2015.

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