Ching Yuen Bean Curd Factory explosion

On Monday October 21st 2013 an explosion destroyed the Ching Yuen Bean Curd factory in Sheung Tsuen village (near Shek Kong, NT).

One worker was killed and four others injured when a cauldron blew up in the 80-square metre cubicle that housed the furnaces. The factory contained two stoves, one using diesel, the other burning wood, and it was the latter which exploded. This brought down the roof which sent the roofing sheets plus metal bars and parts of the furnace flying up to 20 metres away.

10 fire engines, 5 ambulances and 61 firefighters were deployed within minutes and when they arrived the five injured workers had already escaped the factory.

The man killed was a migrant worker, Lee Yik Sheng, 39, who had been in Hong Kong for five years and had previously worked for two years at a bean curd  factory in the mainland.

The factory had been operating for more than 30 years and had about 20 workers.

Ching Yuen Bean Curd Factory Explosion Source The Standard 22 Oct 2013

Courtesy: The Standard


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This article was first posted on 6th November 2013.

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