GuGuSoy factory and restaurant, Ho Sheung Heung village, Sheung Shui

HF: The GuGuSoy factory and restaurant is located in Ho Sheung Heung village, just west of Long Valley which itself is west of Sheung Shui. It opened in 2005. By sheer concidence I was walking in that area on the 9th September 2014, when I came across both the restaurant and an SCMP article about it published on that day.

The company was founded in 1957 in Kwun Tong. In 1984 it relocated to a factory in Yuen Long and in 2004 set up the branch in Ho Sheung Heung. It appears to actually trade under the name Hugo Trading (HK) Ltd with a registered address at Lot 1049, DD 95, E-2A Ho Sheung Heung.

The article tells us a little about the origins of Tofu, supposedly discovered by Liu Ann, grandson of Emporer Liu Bang, the founder of the Han dynasty in 202BC, GuGuSoy’s  history and also its production techniques.

GuGuSoy SCMP article

If you go to the SCMP link there is a short film of how the company hand makes its tofu dessert speciality. Click on Gugusoy Tofu Dessert Workshop.

This article was first posted on 21st October 2014.


  1. SCMP GuGuSoy factory SCMP article

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