57 Kwong Sang Hong Ltd warehouse, 192 Hennessy Road

HF: Tony Banham started and runs the Hong Kong War Diary website, linked below. This is a project that documents the 1941 defence of Hong Kong, the defenders, their families, and the fates of all until liberation.

Quite a while ago Tony contacted me including the following information and request:

For around 15 years I’ve been trying to find the final resting place (if any) of a chap called Francis Dobbs who lost his life in HK during the war.
Recently I’ve learned that the place of death was the Kwong Sang Hong warehouse at 192 Hennessy Road, which apparently was being used as some sort of food distribution place during the fighting. Have you ever come across this story?
I see that there are still Kwong Sang Hong premises on Hennessy, about a block to the east, but from the background of the attached photo – which I think must be the Royal Naval Hospital – the site was today’s 192.
HF: If anyone can provide further information about this warehouse, company or indeed about Francis Dobbs I would be delighted to hear about it.
Kwong Sang Hong Warehouse Image, 192 Hennessy Road, From Tony Banham

Image sent in by Tony Banham. Date: Unknown

This article was first posted on 28th May 2022.


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