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“Lloyd International Airways Ltd was a private, British independent airline formed in 1961 to operate worldwide charter flights  It commenced operations with a single Douglas DC-4 piston airliner from Cambridge Marshall Airport.  Lloyd International concentrated on passenger and cargo charters with four-engined, long-range aircraft. It also had links in Hong Kong since its inception and flew to the Far East regularly. During the mid-1960s, the airline began re-equipping its fleet with Bristol Britannia and Canadair CL-44 turboprops, all of which featured large cargo doors and palletised freight systems. Long-range Boeing 707 jets joined the Lloyd International fleet during the early 1970s for use on affinity group passenger and freight charters to North America  and the Far East.

Lloyd International ceased operations in June 1972.”(1)

Any information about or images of the airline in Hong Kong would be most welcome.

Lloyd International Douglas C54 Skymaster At Kai Tak October 1961 IDJ Image 3

Lloyd International Douglas C54 Skymaster At Kai Tak October 1961 Courtesy: IDJ

Lloyd International Boeing Unknown Location IDJ Image 2

Lloyd International Boeing Unknown Location/Date Courtesy: IDJ


  1. Lloyd International Airways – wikipedia

This article was first posted on 30th December 2017.


  • Kirk Wickens

    My mother use be the stewardess on these flights. How do I get copy of the picture of the DC4 as I would love to have one. Thank you

    • therese meehan

      Hi Kirk. What year was your mother with Lloyd.I did a lot of the Hong Kong Flights 1960/61.. Like you I have been looking for Photo’s but without success. My name at that time was Terri Whelan, would be interesting if we knew each other.

  • Paul Groves

    My dad Capt Keith Groves flew many times into Kai Tak firstly in DC6s for Swissair and later in Britannias for Lloyd International. I landed in the cockpit with him at Kai Tak in 1971. Great times and memories. He later returned to Australia and passed away in 2014 aged 94. Any crew connections and stories would be very welcome.

  • Roger Wetherell

    Hi Paul,

    I flew as your fathers co-pilot on Britannia’s with Lloyd International Airways. The last flights I logged with him were on the Dutch Bulb field runs from 22nd April to 6th May 1972 … sadly only a month before the airline folded!

    I remember it well, the crews all stayed in B&B’s in Cheddar Gorge whilst flying out of Bristol airport to and from Rotterdam / Amsterdam etc.

    I never flew with him into Kai Tak, but latterly spent most of my flying career with Cathay Pacific so knew the infamous Runway 13 approach exceedingly well!

    Keith was a lovely man and a delight to fly with.

    Best wishes,
    Roger Wetherell

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