Great China Match Company explosion January 1948

Great China Match Company Image 1 York Lo

Great China Match Factory in Peng Chau in 1956 (Land Use Survey, HKU Libraries collection Courtesy: York Lo)

Two men were admitted to Queen Mary Hospital after being brought over from Ping Chau Island by launch yesterday afternoon. One of them is not likely to live.

They were victims of an explosion at the laboratory at the Great China Match Factory, Ping Chau Island shortly before 2pm.

Mau San-chuk, 25, a chemist, was testing new chemicals when an explosion blew off both of his hands, and caused severe abdominal injuries to Wong Choi, 34, a coolie in the laboratory.

Lau’s condition was slightly better late last night, but Wong was not expected to survive.

HK Sunday Herald 25th January 1948

This article was first posted on 25th July 2018.

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