The Hongkong and China Gas Company Ltd – explosion 14th May 1934, 42 killed

HF: “Gas Works Explosion.—At 11.05 a.m. on the morning of 14th May, 1934 a large gasometer with a capacity of 500,000 cubic feet belonging to the Hong Kong and China Gas Company, Limited, at West Point exploded, the flaming gas setting light to houses in Clarence Terrace, Chun Sing Street and Yu On Terrace. Within two hours the fire was well under control although the work of searching the debris was not completed for another twenty-four hours.

In all forty-two persons were killed or died from injuries received and a large number injured. Five houses were completely gutted and eleven damaged by fire and water.

Apart from the actual gasometer which exploded, no damage was done to the Gas Works.” (1)

Hong Kong & China Gas Company explosion 14.5.1934 flikr image

Source: Unknown

This article was first posted on 27th August 2016.


  1. Report of the Inspector General of Police for the year 1934 see point 13

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