Wo Fat Hing Distillery, Lung Wo village…Part Two – photos of the plant functioning

Mike T: There’s a lengthy, quite detailed article for Chinese-language readers at the link below. (I can’t read it myself, so have to infer from a poor-quality Google translation.)

The author seems to have gotten a tour of the factory in 2011, and provides photos inside and out. I found it quite interesting that their production was once significant enough to necessitate a customs officer on-site, although apparently that’s now been replaced by CCTV cameras that allow Customs and Excise a remote (or perhaps DVR’ed) way to monitor their production.

I’d love to read a better translation of the piece; perhaps a fluent Chinese-speaker can hit the high points for us? There’s also a phone number down the end of the piece if anybody wants to make an appointment to visit. I got the sense from the article that the folks still working there are quite proud, and at least as of 2011, open to pre-arranged visits.

Oh, and in case anybody has the same problem I did with seeing larger copies of the images — the links don’t work for me — just open the thumbnail in a new window, and then edit the URL to change 160pixfolder to 640pixfolder.

Wo Fat Hing Distillery lmkhea.blogspot.hk image 1

Wo Fat Hing Distillery lmkhea.blogspot.hk image 2

Wo Fat Hing Distillery lmkhea.blogspot.hk image 3Wo Fat Hing Distillery lmkhea.blogspot.hk image 4

See: http://lmkhea.blogspot.com/2011/08/blog-post_14.html

This article was first posted on 12th March 2015.

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