Sky Shuttle Helicopters Limited

Sky Shuttle Helicopters Limited ( 空中快線直升機公司) is a helicopter service operator based in Macau.  Formerly known as Helicopters Hong Kong Limited and before that as East Asia Helicopters, it operates helicopter routes between Macau, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Sky Shuttle employs over 250 people.

East Asia Airlines Limited was established in July 1988 and Macau-Hong Kong services commenced in November 1990 by using two Bell 222  helicopters with six flights per day. Helicopters Hong Kong Limited (‘HeliHK’) established in 1997, formed a partnership with East Asia Airlines to create the largest commercial helicopter operation in the Pear River Delta region providing shuttle service between Hong Kong and Macau and introduced a fleet change from Bell 222 to Sikorsky S76C+ helicopters. Subsequently, a new company name “Sky Shuttle Helicopters Limited” was launched in November 2008, as part of a new corporate branding exercise. In 2009 another fleet change took place when Agusta Westland AW139 helicopters were purchased to replace the aging S-76C+s.(2)

Sky Shuttle Helicopters operates a fleet of five Agusta Westland AW139s. The helicopters carry up to twelve passengers, primarily on the 15-minute flight between Hong Kong and Macau (54 flights per day) and the 15-minute flight between Hong Kong and Shenzhen (6 flights per day) (1)

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Sky Shuttle Helicopters Black + White Helicopter From HK High IDJ

Sky Shuttle Helicopters Black + White Helicopter Extracted from From HK High(1) Courtesy: IDJ


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This article was first posted on 20th February 2018.

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