SS Hong Moh wrecked, 900-1,000 loss of life, sailed from Hong Kong March 1921

SS Hong Hau Courtesy Wrecksite Eu

Two versions of the wrecking of the SS Hong Moh which sailed from Hong Kong in March 1921 First version SS Hong Moh was a passenger ship that was wrecked on the White Rocks off Lamock Island, Swatow, on 3 March 1921 with the loss of about 900 lives. City of Calcutta The ship was built by Charles Connell & Company of Scotstoun, and was launched on […]

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Brook Bernacchi – tea estate Ngong Ping, and first Western resident on Lantau island

Brook Antony Bernacchi (貝納褀) b. 22nd January 1922 d. 22nd September 1996, was born in London and arrived in Hong Kong in 1945 as advisor to Major General FW Festing. “One of Hong Kong’s early democrats, he was an important moderate political voice in the colony from the 1950s to the 1970s” . (1) “In 1947 Bernacchi bought 200 acres […]

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William Charles Gomersall 1895-1960, China Engineers Ltd

HF: W C Gomersall was born in London, UK in 1895 and died in Hong Kong in 1960. In 1928 he founded China Engineers Ltd in Shanghai. Post WW2 Gomersall and the company moved to Hong Kong. This obituary is extracted from the journal  of the Institution of Electrical Engineers a British professional organisation.  This article was first posted on 23rd July […]

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Rowland MacDonald Stephenson – first to propose a Hong Kong to China railway

Rowland MacDonald Stephenson Detail Image 1861 National Portrait Gallery

Hugh Farmer with thanks to IDJ for notifying me about the initial account: The idea of connecting Hong Kong and China with a railway was first proposed to prominent Hong Kong businessmen in March 1864 by a British railway engineer, Sir Rowland MacDonald Stephenson (1808-1895), who had considerable experience of developing railways in India. The minutes of the committee of […]

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Kai Tak airport – BAAG Reports 1942-1944, plus other HK landing strips

Elizabeth Ride: The following reports concern Kai Tak aerodrome in BAAG Intelligence Summaries. I do not guarantee that I have been able to find every single mention, and I advise anyone interested to have a look at the collected Intelligence reports in the Hong Kong Heritage Project (see below).  I have added some bombing reports to this article. I would […]

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Sunset Survivors book published, covers a wide range of dying, traditional Hong Kong industries

Sunset Survivors Book Cover Detail

HF: I am very happy to offer a little publicity to Lindsay Varty and the recent publication of her book, Sunset Survivors: Meet the people keeping Hong Kong’s traditional industries alive. This has been receiving excellent reviews and I understand from Lindsay that the first print has already sold out. Lindsay first contacted me in March wondering if she could […]

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Neil Pryde Ltd – sailmaker, windsurfers – first factory Fanling 1970

HF and IDJ: Neil Pryde, the man, arrived in Hong Kong in 1963 to work as a sailmaker. In 1968 he represented Hong Kong at the Mexico City Olympic Games and in 1970 set up Neil Pryde the company. Neil Pryde Ltd was primarily a sailmaker, supplying sails mainly to yacht builders in Europe. With the emergence of moulded glassfibre […]

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