I-Feng Enamelling Company and Freezinhot Bottle Co., Ltd.

HF: First some information about these companies extracted from the excellent HK Memory Project:

In 1937, after buying the assets of Keung Hwa Aluminium and Enamelling Company, Mr. Dung Ji-fu founded I-Feng Enamelling Company in Hong Kong to sell aluminium and enamel ware. In 1940, Freezinhot Bottle Co., Ltd. was founded in Hong Kong also with Mr. Dung as the general manager, selling vacuum flasks under the Freezinhot brand. In 1941, I-Feng Enamelling Company first joined the 4th Exhibition of Chinese Products and set up an exhibition booth.

As the exhibition resumed in 1948, I-Feng Enamelling Company and Freezinhot Bottle Co., Ltd. joined the 6th Exhibition of Chinese Products and built a display pavilion for their aluminium products. Since then, I-Feng and Freezinhot have been jointly setting up booth in every Exhibition to sell enamel products and vacuum flasks. In the 1950s Freezinhot Bottle Co., Ltd. won the booth design awards in the 14th, 15th and 17th Hong Kong Exhibition of Hong Kong Products. Governor Sir Alexander Grantham has visited the I-Feng booth.

Freezinhot food flask...circa 1950-60...image 2

Freezinhot food flask c1950s

This extract from the Inddhk article Gold Coin Thermos Flasks suggests I-Feng’s factory location. Confirmation, dates, exact location and photographs woud be very useful. As would information about Dung Ji-fu and Keung Hwa Aluminium and Enamelling Company.

Evelyn Char has sent the following information: A few family members have worked for Gold Coin thermal flasks, which was a competitor of the more famous Camel back in the days. The factory used to be located on Sheung Heung Road, To Kwa Wan. The manufacturer was I-Feng Enamelling Company and Freezinhot Bottle Co. Ltd.

Freezinhot bucket date unknown

Date unknown

And here is a designer and director of the company from the Design History book given below:

I-Feng Enamelling - Design History Dennis p Doordan

This article was first posted on 14th December 2014.


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One comment

  • Colleen

    The I-Feng Enameling Company Limited was dissolved on 14 December 2001. According to the 2017 annual report for Freezinhot Bottle Company Limited, about 43.4% of the shares are registered to I-Feng Enameling Company Limited.

    The address of registered office for Freezinhot Bottle Company Limited is:
    Room D, 10/F., Yeun Fat Building, 1 Nelson Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong
    Director’s Name: Tung Shui Ting

    The Presenter;s Reference is:
    Goldwaves Limited
    Flat B, 15/F., Kingswell Commercial Tower
    171-173 Lockhart Road
    Wanxhai, Hong Kong
    Tel: 2770 6701
    Fax: 3427 9622

    It is not clear what the source of income is for the company. I presume it is licensing. As a private company they do not furnish an Annual Financial Record.

    If you have any luck in making contact with anyone at the company, Can you please share the Point of Contact information with me and email address?

    Thank you

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