Gold Coin Thermos Flasks

Evelyn Char has sent the following information: A few family members have worked for Gold Coin thermal flasks, which was a competitor of the more famous Camel back in the days. The factory used to be located on Sheung Heung Road, To Kwa Wan. The manufacturer was I-Feng Enamelling Company and Freezinhot Bottle Co. Ltd.

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In fact its development and move to HK was intricately linked to modern Chinese history… For example the boom of Chinese-made enamel products was largely a result of anti-foreign sentiments in the 20s (which meant that Chinese people preferred buying Chinese goods), and I-Feng set up its factories in HK because of the destruction of its factories in Shanghai & Guangzhou in the late 30s.

Gold Coin share certificate from Evelyn Char

A Gold Coin share certificate

Gold Coin Brand Enamelware advert

Courtesy: IDJ

This article was first posted on 31st January 2014.


    link with Kin Hip Metal and Plastics Factory Ltd one of whose key customers was Gold Coin vacuum flasks

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  • Glanz

    I have a vintage enamel Gold Coin Freezinhot thermos/flask with cork adorned with floral and bird never used in mint condition, is there value to this item? I cannot find any on the internet, not one single one therefore I ask here for any assistance.

    • Hello Glanz

      I am afraid I can’t help you in putting a value on your thermos flask. I am a little surprised that you have been unable to find any site online that might be able to help you but maybe there isn’t a market for such items.

      Good luck in your search.

      Best wishes
      Hugh Farmer

  • Glanz

    Well there is a market for newer copies NOT marked the famous Gold Coin Freezinhot or Camel ones, so I’m sure their must be a market for these old famous ones, just can’t find.

  • Ruth Morley

    Hi, I came across old Gold Coin enamelware mugs out bush today in Central Australia

  • Deborah Walsh

    I have recently found a product from the freezinhot company , I would love to know the history of it . Its a blue large thermos with the gold coin sticker on it .

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