Luks Industrial (陸氏實業) – Maker of Etron TV

Luks Industrial Detail Image 1York Lo

York Lo: Luks Industrial (陸氏實業) – Maker of Etron TV Left: Luks founder Luk King-tin (Capital, 1990); Right: logo of Etron TV from a 1988 TV ad in HK listing Luks as its manufacturer and Yin Kin Ltd as its distributors and being available in the Sheung Wan, Yaumatei and Mongkok branch of Wing On (VCRBase)  A history of television […]

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Vacuum Flask manufacturing in the 1950s

HF:  I’ve been contacted by a Chinese lady who is looking into her family history and their involvement in the manufacture of thermos/vacuum flasks. This is my initial investigation into the business around the time her  family were involved, the 1950s. Hopefully it will develop into something with greater order and substance. Vacuum flasks, also known as Dewar flasks, Dewar bottles […]

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Far East Candle Works (遠東燭業) and Ki Yip Chemical Works (基業化工廠)

Far East Candle Works Image 4A York Lo

York Lo: Far East Candle Works (遠東燭業) and Ki Yip Chemical Works (基業化工廠) Article about Far East Candle & Chemical Works’ booth at the 1964 HK Products Expo with a picture of its products in its booth (KSEN, 1964-12-28)  Earlier in the group, we have covered Mark V, the HK-based affiliate of US retail chain Cost Plus Bazaar which was […]

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Wo Fat Hing Distillery, Lung Wo village…Part Two – photos of the plant functioning

Mike T: There’s a lengthy, quite detailed article for Chinese-language readers at the link below. (I can’t read it myself, so have to infer from a poor-quality Google translation.) The author seems to have gotten a tour of the factory in 2011, and provides photos inside and out. I found it quite interesting that their production was once significant enough to […]

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Cosmopolitan Docks during the Japanese Occupation, 1942-1945

Elizabeth Ride: Extracts from reports in the BAAG Intelligence Summaries.  Layout [Map reference 192583:  GSGS 3868 1/20,000 HK&NT]. Sketch not found, but this Japanese map of the harbour and facilities may contain some information to  readers of Japanese.  2. During the Occupation. “According to one source, many of the ships salvaged by the Japanese were taken to this dockyard for repair.” 1943 […]

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Tuen Mun – “From Ancient Port to City of the Future”, 1982 account

IDJ has sent this monograph of the dramatic changes that occurred in Tuen Mun in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It starts rather gloomily, “Castle Peak, in reality a string of scattered settlements along the shoreline of the Bay, a straggle of ramshackle squatter huts pushing up the creek of the Tuen Mun river…” click the pages to enlarge. […]

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King of Towels: Lee Yiu-wah (李曜華) and Hop Hing (1950) Weaving Factory (合興毛巾織造廠)

King Of Towels Hop Hing (1950) Weaving Factory Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: King of Towels: Lee Yiu-wah (李曜華) and Hop Hing (1950) Weaving Factory (合興毛巾織造廠) Lee Yiu-wah speaking at the formation ceremony of the HK Cotton Made-up Goods Manufacturers Association in 1963 (WKYP, 1963-5-26)  In the 1950s to 1970s, Hop Hing (1950) Weaving Factory was one of the largest manufacturers of cotton towels and terrycloth in Hong Kong, earning its […]

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Alfred Herbert Rennie – Rennie’s Mill

HF: For more information about the Hongkong Milling Company and AH Rennie please refer to our related articles shown at the end of this article. AH Rennie was born at Hamilton, Ontario on 17 November 1857, he was educated at the Hamilton Collegiate Institute and Upper Canada College at Toronto. He then worked as a junior clerk in the wholesale […]

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Ross Optical Ltd., Clapham, London – connection to G Falconer & Company, Watchmakers & Jewellers, Hong Kong

Ross Ltd Advert 1902 Grace's Guides

Our article, G Falconer & Company, Watchmakers & Jewellers, mentions that Falconer were the HK agent for Ross Optical Ltd, Clapham, London. The following information and images about Ross come from the excellent Grace’s Guide website, linked below. Ross of Optical Works, 3 North Side, Clapham Common, London, SW4 (1922) Ditto Address. Telephone: Battersea 3876-7. Cables: “Rossicaste, Phone, London”. (1929) […]

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Kun Wing Fook Medicine Co. (靳永福藥廠) and “Coconut Tree” brand carminative oil (椰樹牌驅風油)

Kun Wing Fook Medicine Co. Detail Image 2 York Lo

York Lo: Kun Wing Fook Medicine Co. (靳永福藥廠) and “Coconut Tree” brand carminative oil (椰樹牌驅風油) Left: Kun Wing Fook booth at the 1971-72 HK Products Expo (HK Memory); Right: article and picture of Kun Wing Fook booth at the 1959 HK Products Expo featuring a tree with coconuts imported from Singapore (TKP, 1959-12-6) Kun Wing Fook Medicine Co, best known […]

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