Bullivant & Co, Millwall London, supplier of Taikoo Sugar Refinery’s aerial ropeway cables

HF with thanks to IDJ for the two adverts. The cable used in the Aerial Ropeway constructed to link Takoo Sugar Refinery and its Sanitarium was made by Bullivant & Co. which began as a UK company. William Munton Bullivant was an early innovator in the stranded wire cordage field, invented in the mid-19th century by German mining engineers in the […]

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From Bicycles to Lamps and Stoves: Union Metal Works (合衆五金廠) and the two illustrious families behind the firm

Union Metal Works Detail Image 4 York Lo

York Lo: From Bicycles to Lamps and Stoves: Union Metal Works (合衆五金廠) and the two illustrious families behind the firm   Left: 1962 Unimet ad showing its entire line of SOLAR brand products; Right: Unimet lamp made in 1965 Union Metal Works (aka Unimet) was one of the leading manufacturers of pressure lanterns in HK alongside World-Light, Glory, Lea Hin […]

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Hong Kong made Felt Hats – 22 factories in 1955

  IDJ writes – This excerpt comes from a very useful book published by the Hong Kong government’s Department of Commerce and Industry dated 1955. It is a typical 180 page government handout to prospective overseas buyers outlining where Hong Kong is in the world and what the colony can sell or make for you. Essentially a commercial buyer’s guide […]

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Kader Industrial Company Ltd

Kader Holdings Exhibition Of Hk Products 1971 71 Hk Memory

Kader Industrial Company Limited was founded by Mr. Ting Hsiung-chao in 1948. He had previously established the Wei Ming Flashlight and Battery Works and the Pau Chiu Light Bulb Factory, both successful businesses in Shanghai before 1949. Mr. H.C. Ting believed that success is built upon diligence and a dictum that nothing short of perfection was acceptable. Being an unusual […]

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Lok On Pai ‘desalting’ plant – site visit photographs including a great surprise!

Hugh Farmer: Following our recent articles about the Lok On Pai ‘desalting’ plant I visited the site on 4th December 2014 to see what remains. We know from recent aerial photographs and maps that the main building exists extending west to east, with one main arm at right angles to this running south towards the sea. Here’s what the site […]

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1921 Explosion at Kowloon firecracker factory kills and injures fifty – map added of Smallpox hospital location

Additional information in red. James Chan: I came across this Report of the Secretary for Chinese Affairs for the year 1921.  It would interesting to know where  this converted Kowloon smallpox hospital was. No exact date is given as to when the accident happened. And what the name of the company making the firecrackers was. “An unfortunate accident occurred in […]

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Cheung Sha Wan Factory Estate

Cheung Sha Wan Factory Estate Date 2003

HF: I would be very interested if anyone could tell me some of the companies that occupied space in Cheung Sha Wan Factory Estate, or about other factory estates in Hong Kong. Cheung Sha Wan Factory Estate was a factory estate in Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong, owned and managed by the Hong Kong Housing Authority. It comprised up […]

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