Pokfulam Dairy Farm

The SCMP of 18th April 2013 contained an article of interest.

It reported that a Director of Audit’s report had found that sixteen public heritage sites either were not being maintained or had not been used for periods of up to twenty years. The audit considered it unsatisfactory that ten government-graded buildings had been left unattended.

One of the sites with a grade one rating is the 1887 Old Dairy Farm Senior Staff Quarters in Pok Fu Lam. This is the oldest remaining building of the dairy company.

Dairy Farm, Senior Staff Quarters, Antiquities Advisory Boad

Antiquities Advisory Board

Dairy Farm, Senior Staff Quarters, Antiquities Advisory Board, 166b

Antiquities Advisory Board

This article originally appeared in Newsletter 6 sent out on 4th May 2013.

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  • Hugh Farmer

    An article in the SCMP of 10th October 2013 reports that Pok Fu Lam village has been named in an international list compiled by The World Monuments Watch which seeks to preserve threatened sites around the world.

    The article mentions that the village has a history dating back to at least 1868 and features historic structures that were part of Hong Kong’s largest dairy farm including an octagonal cowshed, the main office building and a two-storey Western-style house used as staff quarters. It states that the cowshed and office building have a grade two status under Hong Kong’s heritage classification, and that the staff quarters is classified grade one.

    An 80-year-old third-generation villager, Mrs Fung, commented that in the heyday of the dairy farm, workers living in the company’s dormitories nearby often mingled with the villagers.

    • Bernice

      Hi, I saw an article re the old staff quarters in SCMP. D you know if it is possible to get access to take photo. I am a photographer from Australia and it looks an amazing building.



  • Hugh Farmer


    I’m sorry I don’t know whether you can actually visit the Pokfulam Dairy Farm site. It’s often possible to visit this type of place through a hole in the fence, unlocked gates etc.

    You can see a map of where the main buildings are located in our Newsletter 6 article. I thought they were above the main road, that is on the same side as Pokfulam village, but they are below.

    If you do go please let me now whether access is possible. And if you take some photos I would be delighted to post them, with any information about the building’s condition.

    • Bernice

      I’m one of the villager live next to Pokfulam Dairy Farm – Pok Fu Lam Village. The staff quarter not open to public. The two blocks of buildings is vacant and certain part especially the balcony approach corridor being in a dilapidated condition and need repair.
      But the internal conditions of two blocks are good as i went inside many years ago. If you are interest in the history around the proximity, you can join the local guide tour organized by Caritas and Pokfulam Village at wepgage https://zh-hk.facebook.com/PokfulamVillage.org

      • Cecilia


        I would like to know if there is any other staff quarters besides the senior staff quarters. I mean the staff quarters for the other workmen. According to some reports from the Government, there were some other quarters next to Po Fu Lam Village. I would very much like to know if the quarters are still there now?

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