Lok On Pai ‘desalting’ plant – as Transshipment Centre used by the PAA – photo

New image HF: The extract below comes from a book about site preparation for Chek Lap Kok airport.

Tymon Mellor confirms the Transshipment Centre was at the ex-Lok On Pai desalting plant site. He says it was used  by the Provisional Airport Authority (PAA) to store materials off site before shipping to Chek Lap Kok as the island and airport were built..

When did it open and close? And are there photos or other images of the plant being used as the Transshipment Centre?

The answer to the last question is yes. Here’s one sent in by IDJ.

Lok On Pai Lok On Pai desalting plant building used by new airport authority IDJ

Lok On Pai cTranshipment Centre from book Site preparation for New HK International Airport

Lok On Pai a Transhipment Centre from book Site preparation for New HK International Airport

There is also a brief mention of the LOP Transhippment Centre on the website of Kam Tak Electrical Engineering Ltd. (Kam Tak Electrical Engineering Company Limited was established in 2001 for the installation and maintenance of high voltage electrical equipment including Transformers, Capacitor Banks, Switchgear and Control and Protection Panels.)
“Fault investigation and repair of HV switch gears and subsequent recommendations for HV distribution at Lok On Pai Transshipment Centre of Provisional Airport Authority.”


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