55 Pacific Islands Shipbuilding Company – information wanted

Phil Kenny has sent the image below. He says this is from a 1967 film (Casse-tête chinois pour le judoka) – “it shows the gantry/trestle (is that what they are called?) of the Pacific Island Ship building yard in the background.”

Phil runs the excellent Hong Kong film website, Hong Kong (& Macau) Film Stuff linked below.

Phil adds that Pacific Island Shipbuilding is mentioned in York Lo’s article J.H. Vaughan – An American Shipbuilder in Hong Kong, posted on our website, and linked below.

The article contains the following information:

Select List of Vessels built by HK Transportation/Pacific Islands Shipbuilding from 1958 to 1962 [6]

1958 – Degei II – cargo/passenger ship, 168 tons, built for Fiji
1958 – Thamada – pilot ship, 778 tons.
1958 – Nat Tharr –tug, 637 tons, built for Rangoon, Myanmar
1959 – Coral Queen – towing vessel, 226 tons, built for Solomon Islands.
1959 – Membau – tanker, 921 tons, renamed Barkat, Bangladesh
1961 – Caltex 134, tug, 437 tons, built for Caltex Oil
1961 – Pipi Gari – cargo, 136 tons, built for Steamships Trading Co of Papua, renamed D. Renro
1961 – Moanui – cargo, 944 tons, built for Northern Steamship of New Zealand. Renamed Aik Lai under Singaporean ownership.
1962 – Awanui – cargo, 1858 tons, also built for Northern Steam Ship Co. Renamed Mekong Express and sunk in Vietnam in 2007
1962 – Hong Kong Lady – floating restaurant, 1017 tons, renamed Singapore Lady

Phil adds, the shipyard was located in Ngau Tau Kok in Hong Kong where the Kowloon Bay MTR depot now stands.

HF: If anyone can provide further information about the Pacific Islands Shipbuilding Company, I would be delighted to see it.


Pacific Islands Shipbuilding Company Image From Phil Kenny

See: https://hongkongandmacaufilmstuff.blogspot.com/

This photograph was first posted in our York Lo article, J.H. Vaughan – An American Shipbuilder in Hong Kong.

Awanui Ship Image Source NZ Coastal Shipping

Awanui built by Pacific Islands Shipbuilding in 1962.Source: NZ Coastal Shipping Undated

This article was first posted on 2nd November 2021.

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  • Peter Cundall

    Missing is Sinpuyang, a buoy tender built for the Harbour Commissioners of the Port of Rangoon in 1959 (Yard no.202).
    Yard numbers of the larger ships were Natthar – 200, Thamada – 201, Membau – 238, Moanui -431, Awanui 442 and Hong Kong Lady 441

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