The Industrial Development of Kwun Tong – 1953 to 1964

Hugh Farmer with thanks to IDJ for the report and photos. The following report from 1964 outlines the development of Kwun Tong from 1953 highlighting land reclamation which took place between 1954 and 1957. A total of 140 acres (about 60 hectares) of new land was created along the shoreline. As the map shows much of this was designated for industrial use.

By the time of the report a wide variety of  industries had been established in the area including textiles, clothing, hats, embroidery, the manufacturing of “metal goods”, plastics, electrical appliances, cutlery, paints and lacquers, rubber goods, buttons, corrugated paper and printing. The first two were of the greatest importance.

Wing Yuk Ma, The Development of Kwun Tong, Symposium on land use and mineral deposits in Hong Kong, southern China and South-East Asia, HKU Press, 1964 p40-42

Kwung Tong-Development of Kwung Tong-circa 1961-page 001

Kwung Tong-Development of Kwung Tong-circa 1961-page 002

Kwung Tong -Development of Kwung Tong-circa 1961-page 003

Kwung Tong-Development of Kwung Tong-circa 1961-page 004

These images of Kwun Tong are from about 1961.Hong Kong-Development of Kwung Tong-circa 1961-image 001Hong Kong-Development of Kwung Tong-circa 1961-image 002Hong Kong-Development of Kwung Tong-circa 1961-page 000

This article was first posted on 7th April 2014.


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