CLP- Lawrence Kadoorie speech 1977 – HK + Hok Un Power Station during WW2

Hugh Farmer: The Hong Kong Heritage Project is a repository for the Kadoorie family’s history and archives. Part of this collection concerns the China Light & Power Company Syndicate founded in 1901, which became CLP and finally in 1998 CLP Holdings Ltd.

This includes a speech Lawrence Kadoorie made in 1977  to the Hong Kong Management Association, regarding alternative energy sources. The speech begins with personal anecdotes regarding the Japanese occupation and the energy requirement difficulties during that time, and moves on to discuss energy alternatives to coal and fuel, ending with a talk on nuclear energy.

Paragraphs 5-21 of the script of the speech are of particular interest as they cover events immediately before the Japanese occupation, during the occupation and immediately after the Japanese surrender.

Here is the dramatic news from paragraph 5:

CLP Kadoorie speech 1977 para 5

The following paragraphs go into some detail about what happened to CLP’s Hok Un ‘A’ Power Station during this period.

CLP 1 Hok Un Power Station

Hok Un Power Station October 1945

Kadoorie Speech 1977 – script


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