Bethlehem Knitting (百利恒織造廠) and Hing’s Underwear (興士牌)

York Lo: Bethlehem Knitting (百利恒織造廠) and Hing’s Underwear (興士牌)

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Left: Hing’s print ad from the early 1970s. Right: actual package of Hing’s underwear

From the 1950s to the 1970s, Hing’s was a popular local brand of cotton underwear manufactured by Bethlehem Knitting Factory.  Founded in 1950 by C.T. Shiu (邵之道), the firm moved into its current location at 483 Castle Peak Road in Cheung Sha Wan in 1961. Aside from the local market, Hing’s underwear were also exported to Southeast Asia in markets such as Singapore and Malaysia in the 1960s. By its 20th anniversary in 1970, the firm had 400 workers. In addition to underwear, the firm also made T-shirts. The next year, the firm was incorporated.

Bethlehem Knitting Image 2 York Lo

News article about CT Shiu and his wife visiting the US and Canada in 1967. 香港工商日報 1967-8-20

From the beginning, Bethlehem focused on product quality rather than low prices. In 1975, Bethlehem acquired new machines which made its undershirts shrink-resistant. The new and improved line of underwear were sold with the “Shringaniz” trademark. At the time, the factory occupied five floors totaling 30,000 sq ft and employed 250 workers.

Bethlehem Knitting Image 3 York Lo

Article about Bethlehem’s new Shringaniz technology in 1975 (華僑日報, 1975-04-15)

Bethlehem Knitting Image 4 York Lo

Wedding notice of Alan Siu in 1980 (華僑日報, 1980-08-4)

In the 1970s, CT Shiu’s son Alan Siu Kwok-wei (邵國維) who was graduated from UC Berkeley and Stanford joined the family business and became executive director of Bethlehem. The firm is still alive although it appear to have shifted its focus to the overseas markets such as Indonesia.

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This article was first posted on 6th November 2017.


  • Johnson

    Hing’s underwear is still available in market stalls in Hong Kong. Each time I visit HK (I have been living in Melbourne, Australia since 1988) I will go to the stalls and buy several packs of Hing’s underwear and bring them back to Australia.

  • Stephane Dorisme

    Where can i find Hing’s underwear in Chile? I used to wear this brand when i were young.

  • shenky

    im able to get this brand and have stock on it ,
    interested please email your contact , size, pcs and address
    whatsapp: 60125026333

  • Bambang sungkono

    Dear Sir. I m Hing s customer since 1966..few months ago..I bought 6 pcs Sinlet.size 38 .at ITC mangga dua. Jakarta. But I found singlet size extreme ly Short. I have the pictures….pls contact my whatsup. +62 81 872 4248. bambang sungkònò tq.

  • I have been a fan of the Hing’s product in the past fifty years. This was interupted when they were not available from department stores. However, I found stores in Shamshuipo last year and bought six pcs. of size 34 underware from the shop, most disappointing at the quality of the recents products, The elastic waist bands are all lenghtened a an extent that it wont stay on my waist. This is the most important of an underware. I wash them with cold water all the time. Please look into this matter and let me know if improvements will be made.

  • Thomas George

    I use Hing’s brief for about four decades. Now I am back to India. It is not available here. Seek your support.
    Can you send me size 32 white by courier to me one dozen.
    Please advise

  • Sivaraj Philip

    Wish to purchase Hing’s brief underwear for boys.

  • SY

    Their products mainly mens brief are available in shamshuipo, peiho street stalls.

  • Geoffrey MacMillan

    Where can Hing’s mens briefs be purchased in the US or where they be ordered?

  • Tensy Abraham

    My father has been using this brand for the past 40 years and would like to purchase some for him. Please let me know if I can shop online and have it shipped or if you have a shop selling them in United Arab Emirates.

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