The Hong Kong Excavation, Pile Driving and Construction Company Ltd and the Charles L Shank photograph album

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Tymon Mellor: The question was, “Who is Charles L Shank and what was his connection to the Shek Lai Pui Reservoir?”. A rather open question, but one that has led to an interesting journey. The questioner had acquired a large format book with 122 professional photographs of pre-war Hong Kong construction sites. Sample photographs provided documented the construction of the […]

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Shanghainese Builders in Hong Kong (Part One) – the Pre-War Pioneers (Yaik Sang, Sung Kee Zee and Dao Kee)

York Lo: Shanghainese Builders in Hong Kong (Part One) – the Pre-War Pioneers (Yaik Sang, Sung Kee Zee and Dao Kee) Having contributed to the building of pre-war Shanghai into the leading metropolis in the Far East, Shanghainese builders and construction firms played a critical role in the post war construction boom in Hong Kong as the city emerged as […]

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Taikoo Dockyard 1950s workshops, plant, utilities and facilities – Part One

IDJ has sent extracts from an in-house Taikoo Dockyard book of the 1950s which cover a wide range of company facilities including a brief description of each and illustrative photographs. The Dock was at the height of its importance during this period, employed around 4,500 people, and offered a range of services which extended considerably beyond shipbuilding and ship maintenance. […]

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S. H. Dodwell, Managing Director of Dodwell and Company Ltd

Dodwell S.H. Image From Wikipedia

IDJ has sent the following newspaper article about S.H. Dodwell who was a prominent businessman in Hong Kong before World War Two. As you will see he was chairman of several Hong Kong companies, including Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, Dairy Farm, the Ice and Cold Storage Company and Hong Kong Brewers and Distillers, Managing Director of Dodwell and […]

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Cost Plus Bazaar (美廉市場) and Mark V (美發)

Cost Plus Bazaar And Mark V Detail Image2 York Lo

York Lo: Cost Plus Bazaar (美廉市場) and Mark V (美發) Left: Chinese advertisement for Cost Plus Bazaar at the Ocean Terminal in 1964 featuring some of the Japanese furniture. The store opened daily from 10 to 10 (WKYP, 1964-7-19) American retailers, big and small, have been the key driving force of industrial development in HK and China for the past […]

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Great South Fishing Industries (廣南漁業)

Great South Fishing Industries Detail Image 4 York Lo

On 28th March 2024 Stephen Davies, Ex-Director of The Hong Kong Maritime Museum, left the following comment. ”This [article] isn’t quite right accurate. According to the SCMP (22 May, 1954 p.17) Great Southern (not South) Fishing Industries Ltd. got approval the previous day for the Southern Glory, built at Kwong Cheung Hing, Cheungshawan, which was steel built, 126.3 GRT, 94.95′ […]

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The Borneo Company Ltd – 1856 Hong Kong branch opened

James Chan: The Borneo Company Ltd had a very interesting history. In 1856 it apparently opened an office in Hong Kong and it would be interesting to know more about the company’s operations here. Rudi Butt’s fascinating Hong Kong’s First blog (linked below) contains this: This summary of the company comes from wikipedia: The Borneo Company Ltd formed in 1856, is […]

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Lee Seng Heng (李成興魚露): King of Fish Sauce 

Lee Seng Heng, King Of Fish Sauce Detail Image 3 York Lo

York Lo: Lee Seng Heng (李成興魚露): King of Fish Sauce Left: Lee Seng Heng’s Kingfisher trademark featuring medals it won in the 1920s and 1930s. (IP Australia); Right: recent ad for Lee Seng Heng fish sauce (Yue Yick Food Industries)  Earlier on the website, we covered many HK sauce makers which have a long history of over a century. Lee […]

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Golden Harvest Film Studio – Diamond Hill

Golden Harvest/Golden Studios was founded in 1970. When the Cathay Organisation withdrew from film production in HK, Golden Harvest took over their old studios at 8 King Tung Street, Hammer Hill Road, Diamond Hill. The studio was later used to make films by independent companies set up by artistes who then struck a deal with GH for funding, distribution etc. These […]

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