Taikoo Dockyard Managers – Philip Forster Nicholson, 1907-1910

IDJ has sent a series of articles about managers at Taikoo Dockyard: The first manager, appointed in 1907, was Philip Forster Nicholson, who was born at West Bolden near Sunderland in 1872, his father being a North East Coast shipowner. In 1898 he joined R.& W. Hawthorne Leslie & Co., Ltd, and in 1902 was appointed their Shipyard Manager at […]

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The Kwan family and Yue Ying Can Manufacturing and Asia Can Co

The Kwan Family And Yue Ying Can Manufactoring Detail Image 2 York Lo

York Lo: The Kwan family and Yue Ying Can Manufacturing and Asia Can Co Left: Yue Ying and Asia Can co-founder Y.P. Kwan (WKYP, 1963-4-3); Right: profile of Yue Ying Can Manufacturing in 1934 (HK Chinese Factories Survey, 1934)  Earlier on the website we covered the Shang family of China Can Company. Another key player and pioneer in the HK […]

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Amoy Canning – photograph of Mr T S Wong, Managing Director of the company in Hong Kong and Singapore, 1930s and 1940s?

Amoy Canning Photo Of Mr + Mrs T S Wong, Managing Director Of AC With Grandfather Of Michele Cottage, Late 1930s, Early 1940s

Michele Cottage has kindly sent the photograph below and the following information: The photo below is of Mr and Mrs T S Wong Managing Director of Amoy Canning Hong Kong and Singapore.  My grandfather is standing between them.  Believed to be taken late in the 1930s or early 1940s in Hong Kong York Lo adds: Very precious picture!  Wong (1912-1978) […]

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Kowloon Confectionery & Bakery Co (九龍糖果公司)

Kowloon Confectionary & Bakery Co Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Kowloon Confectionery & Bakery Co (九龍糖果公司) “Eat More Bread” ad for Kowloon Confectionery in 1941 (A Century of Commerce)  The Kowloon Confectionery & Bakery Co was one of leading confectionery firms and bakeries in Hong Kong from the 1920s to the 1960s but has since faded into history.  Sam Shong-won (岑崇運, 1895-1969), the founder of Kowloon Confectionery, went […]

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Ngan Shing-kwan, co-founder of the China Motor Bus Company

Ngan Shing Kwan Image Detail Wikipidea Undated

HF: The following article has been extracted from the Dictionary of Hong Kong Biography. The article about Ngan Shing-kwan was written by May Holdsworth and Eva Kwok and first published in the Dictionary of Hong Kong Biography, edited by May Holdsworth and Christopher Munn. The publisher, HK University Press, has kindly granted permission for it to be posted here, but retains copyright […]

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Macau Air Transport Company (Hong Kong) Ltd – The One Cigarette Airline

Compiled by IDJ Macau, the Portuguese colony forty miles across the Pearl River delta from Hong Kong had a surprisingly long aviation history despite no land based airfield or aerodrome until the 1990s. After visits by travelling American showmen-balloonists demonstrating vertical flight in 1891, it was not until 1920 that French born local entrepreneur Charles de Ricou revealed ambitious plans […]

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Edmond Ip (葉榮昌): Industrialist, Community Leader and Fugitive

Edmond Ip Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Edmond Ip (葉榮昌): Industrialist, Community Leader and Fugitive Left: Edmond Ip (HK Scouting Gazette, 1970); Right: article about the arrest of Edmond Ip in 1977 when he returned to Hong Kong from Taiwan (WKYP, 1977-5-22)   In August 1971, shockwaves were sent across Hong Kong when Edmond Ip Wing-cheong, the 41 years old industrialist and community leader suddenly disappeared. […]

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The Hongkong and China Gas Company Ltd / Towngas – 150th Anniversary 2012 – superb photographs

HF: These photographs were included in Towngas 1862-2012: Lighting the Past. Brightening the Future produced to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Hongkong and China Gas / Towngas. This is linked below. See: Towngas 1862-2012: Lighting the Past. Brightening the Future. Towngas Press Release 5th June 2012 – 150th Anniversary This article was firstr posted on 22nd January 2015. Related Indhhk articles: […]

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Ulderup and Schlüter Shipyard, Sham Shui Po c1900-1914

Stephen Davies: My favourite early, short-lived, Hong Kong shipyard is the German Ulderup and Schlüter, which only seems to have operated from c.1900-1914. It had the actual shipyard in Shamshuipo and an office at 21 Connaught Rd, Central.  They became the local agents for the Swedish Bolinder marine diesels (Bolinder Rohölmotoren – strictly semi-diesels) – two strokes that for the first […]

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Kin Yick Liong (建益隆) – Real Estate Developer from the 1960s

Kin Yick Liong Real Estate Developer Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Kin Yick Liong (建益隆) – Real Estate Developer from the 1960s  Left: Kin Yick Liong’s ad for Kin Tak Mansion and King Fung House in Kwun Tong (TKP, 1965-2-11); Right: Kin Tak Fung Industrial Building in Kwun Tong (Landvision)  In the 1960s, Kin Yick Liong Co Ltd (incorporated in 1962) was one of the active real estate developers […]

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