The E. On factory building, Aberdeen – celebrating the ordinary

HF: The New York Times of 9th July 1984 contained an article about a very ordinary, common, multi-occupant, multi-storey factory building in Aberdeen. The E.On. It is that very standard, simple, cheap design and construction and multiple tenants that makes it, and others like it worth recording. The industrial part of Aberdeen of which the E. On is at the […]

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Foo Hang, Tai Hang, Lee Heng and B. Green– Four Leaders of the HK Diamonds Industry

HK Diamonds Industry Detail Image 11 York Lo

York Lo: Foo Hang, Tai Hang, Lee Heng and B. Green– Four Leaders of the HK Diamonds Industry Left: Lo Fong Siu-po of Foo Hang (right) receiving a souvenir for her generous donations to establish the Lo Ka-chow Memorial Opthalmic from Sir Oswald Cheung while Max Ma of Lee Heng (center) as chairman of Tung Wah looked on. (WKYP, 1983-3-4) […]

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Cosmos Aerated Water (大同汽水) – in Hong Kong from 1947

Cosmos Aerated Water York Lo 1955 Advert 15 Cents A Bottle

York Lo: In the 1950s and 1960s, Cosmos Aerated Water (大同汽水廠) was a major soft drinks manufacturer in Hong Kong. The Wong family, which founded and managed Cosmos in HK, was also the founder and owner of Cosmos Bottling, which was the first and second largest soft drink manufacturer in the Philippines. The Cosmos story began in 1918 when Wong […]

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Facebook: ‘Photos of Taikoo and Kowloon Dock Families’ group – additional images

Simon left a comment about Image 9 below which I have added to the script about Image 9 on 30th May 2022. HF: Geoff Douglass, the creator and administrator of the Photos of Taikoo and Kowloon Dock Families Facebook site, contacted me in May 2016. Geoff very kindly offered to be of any help to our group after I suggested we would […]

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Union Ceramic Industries and Heart Brand Enamelware

York Lo: Union Ceramic Industries and Heart Brand Enamelware Left: Union Ceramic Industries’ ad from 1949 (China Mail 1949-5-26); Right: Union Ceramics’s factory (Source: Ta Kung Pao, 1956-1-1) During the heyday of the HK enamelware industry between the 1940s and 1960s, Union Ceramic Industries (一心搪瓷, hereafter referred to as UCI), the maker of Heart Brand enamelware, had the distinction of being […]

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HUD – new tug Whampoa – celebrating two HK shipyards

James Chan: Whampoa is the second in a four tug series constructed by Cheoy Lee Shipyards for Hong Kong United Dockyards (HUD). The first was Taikoo  which was also named after the two shipyards Hong Kong and Whampoa Dock (founded 1863) and Taikoo Dockyard (1902) which merged to form HUD. The Whampoa is a RAmparts 3000 Class Terminal Support Tug specifically designed […]

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Hong Kong Clays and Kaolin Company (香港磁泥有限公司) – Kaolin Mine, Cha Kwo Ling

York Lo: From 1903 to 1983, kaolin clay was mined in a quarry in Cha Kwo Ling, a village near Kwun Tong facing the harbor. The 19 acre mine was operated by Hong Kong Clays and Kaolin Company (香港磁泥有限公司)… …In post War Hong Kong, George McBain operated out of the South China Morning Post Building in Central and the primary operation […]

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Lo’s Mee Kwong (羅氏美光) and Join-In Shirt

York Lo: Lo’s Mee Kwong and Join-In Shirt Left: the name Lo’s Mee Kwong lives on in the LMK Development Estate in Kwai Chung; Centre: an advertisement from the early 1980s promoting the “colorful world” of Join-In Shirt; Right: Early 1980s picture of Join-In Estate (now Prosperity Centre) in Kwai Chung. From the late 1970s to early 1980s, Join-In Shirt (鍾意恤) […]

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Orient Tobacco Manufactory – HK factory location, map and plan of works layout

Edward Schneider: The Orient Tobacco Manufactory works was on a site in Kowloon bordered by Nathan Road, Dundas Street, Soy Street and Kwong Wa Street.  It had a total surface area of 307,095 sq.ft. (approximately 3 hectares) and was registered as Lot numbers 1421 and 2629. It was acquired as a grant on 1 January 1908 for $86,124.40. The buildings cost $278,485.45. […]

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