Siu On Realty (兆安地產)

Siu On Realty Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Siu On Realty (兆安地產) Left: Siu On Realty founder Lee Siu-lun; Right: Siu On Centre in Wanchai In late January 2020, low-key real estate developer Lee Siu-lun (李兆麟) passed away at the age of 98. While he was relatively low profile compared to his younger brother Lee Shau-kee of Henderson Land, his Siu On Realty was one of […]

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Hong Kong Petrochemical Co Ltd – Lok On Pai Jetty, Tun Muen

HF: Photos taken 4th December 2014 by HF of the HKPC Lok On Pai Storage Facility.     See: – the company website This article was first posted on 12th April 2015. Related Indhhk articles: Asiatic Petroleum Company, China – family connections Kawakami Oil Company in WW2 (AKA Socony-Vacuum Oil Company) Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company in Hong Kong Socony-Vacuum Oil […]

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Man Loong Ginger Factory

Hugh Farmer writes. Many thanks to IDJ for supplying both the image and text. One of the first manufacturing industries in colonial Hong Kong was preserved ginger, as well as various fruits, grown mainly in Guangzhou. And one of the first such companies was Man Loong Ginger Factory. The description of the company below, written in about 1908, mentions that […]

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From Thompson Wong (堂煌廣告) to FCB (博達廣告)

Thompson Wong Detail Image 6 York Lo

York Lo: From Thompson Wong (堂煌廣告) to FCB (博達廣告) Formed as Thompson, Wong & Associates in 1971 by Peter Thompson and Jenny Wong, Thompson Wong was one of the four largest ad agencies in Hong Kong and has gone through a dozen English name changes (but only one Chinese name change) over the past half a century thanks to a […]

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Hong Kong Note Printing Ltd – over 320 million HK banknotes printed annually

HF: The following has been extracted from the Company’s history on its website (linked below). This material is copyright but can be copied for non-commercial purposes. Its plant is at 2-4 Dai Shing Street, Tai Po Industrial Estate, Tai Po, HK. In 1984 Thomas De La Rue PLC set up a banknote printing plant in Tai Po. In April 1996 […]

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K.C. Leong (梁溎春)– F&B Industrialist and his Family and Ventures

K.C.Leong Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: K.C. Leong (梁溎春)– F&B Industrialist and his Family and Ventures Leong Kwai-chun (hereafter referred to as “K.C. Leong”) might not be a household name but he was a notable figure in the history of the food and beverage manufacturing industries in HK as he was responsible for bringing “Green Spot” orangeade, “Meadow Gold” and “Champion” condensed milk to […]

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Kowloon (HK & Whampoa) Dockyards during the Occupation 1942-45

Elizabeth Ride: Extracts from reports in the BAAG Intelligence Summaries. 1. Layout. [Map reference 223585: GSGS 3868 HK & New Territories 1/20,000] 2. During hostilities.“Superficial damage was caused by enemy bombing on the first day of the war. Dock gates were not damaged.” 3. During the Occupation. 1942. “The materials left in the Kowloon Docks are rapidly diminishing. There is […]

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Synthetic Marble Pioneer Dr. Andrew Liu and his Family

Andrew Liu, Synthetic Marble Pioneer, Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Synthetic Marble Pioneer Dr. Andrew Liu and his Family While his father physician Dr. Liu Yan-tak and sibling jurist Benjamin Liu and politician Dorothy Liu might have a higher profile, Dr.  Andrew Tze-chiu Liu (1929-2000) left his mark in HK industries as the founder of Marble Synthetic Products, the first local manufacturer of synthetic marble in the 1970s […]

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Fourseas Bowling Centre and Whimsy

Fourseas Bowling And Whimsy Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Fourseas Bowling Centre and Whimsy Fourseas Bowling Centre and the Wonderful World of Whimsy are two family entertainment venues which have left a mark in two different generations of Hong Kong people and both enterprises were founded by the family of Daniel C. Go (吳文卿), a Filipino Chinese financier. The Go Family and Paramount Insurance in the Philippines […]

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Second harbour water pipe line completed, Shing Mun reservoir to Hong Kong island, 1935

Reservoirs, Cachment Areas And Pipelines Of Kowloon District, The Far East Review Oct 1934 Chinarail Gwulo

IDJ has sent the following newspaper report about the construction of a second water pipe running from Shing Mun reservoir to Hong Kong Island, the first being laid in 1929. Thanks to SCT for proofreading the retyped article. 2ND HARBOUR PIPE LINE NEARLY COMPLETED ENSURING ADEQUATE WATER SUPPLY FOR THE COLONY DIVERS EXCEED ALL EXPECTATIONS ISLAND LINK WITH SHING MUN […]

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